Saturday, August 13, 2011


We are all blessed that Rick Perry has declared he is running for President. He can do more for this country than anyone else running. He has kept Texas strong and he shares our beliefs. Watch though....lies will be told. The left knows he is a serious threat so will work very hard to concoct lies about him. Know this....they are not true. And the media will end up making themselves look like fools. If you hear someone from Texas talking trash about him...realize that they are either not from Texas, or are one of our fruits or nuts that we keep around for entertainment.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm melting!!'s been a while since either of us posted. Both of us have been super busy.
One problem has been the extreme drought going on. All my time is spent watering my plants and trees. The promise of this new place makes it hard not to keep putting in plants. Then I spend my waking hours watering the darned things to keep them alive. Above is my latest Angel Trumpet. I didn't go for the usual yellow ones, no, I picked the one that blooms white, then turns pink around the edges.

The frogs have been happy and prolific. I do enjoy taking pictures of them. Claire kitty and Jack the dog love to try to catch them. Claire has had opportunities to catch them, but instead would rather bat at them and make them jump. The pond is going to be cleaned this month. I am paying good money to have someone do it that knows what they are doing. Sadly, the darned fish are spawning this morning. Wrong time to spawn, guys.

 The squirrels are endlessly amusing and frustrating. No birdfeeder is squirrel matter what they claim. It was so cute to see baby squirrels out this past couple of weeks. They were intensely curious about something under that pot. I noticed an anole lizard on the pot later that day, so they must have been fiddling with the lizard. I like to have not caught my breath after laughing at one of the babies. It was on the edge of the pond, going for a drink, when a frog jumped. The squirrel jumped higher. Then calmly landed and proceeded to act like nothing happened.
 I planted my first shade garden this year. It has been a delight to plant caladiums, hostas, ferns, and begonias. I have never had shade to plant in before. Now I have elephant ears up also. This is a picture of the big bed in the front yard.
 I first tomato of the season. It was sooooo tasty! Cubedog calls them edible sunshine. She and Bigdog were down last weekend and I got to serve her homegrown tomato. It was a hit, and there was much moaning going on around the table between the tomatoes and the steaks.
 This is a Flapjack Kalanchoe that I bought a couple of years ago. It has totally outgrown it's pot. It does love the shade in the front yard. Just enough light to tinge it's leaves, but not enough to bake it to a crisp. I need to find a really pretty pot for it. One that will go with it's style.
 I had bought some Oriental Lilies last year. I potted them up, then we moved. I wasn't sure if they would come up now. Much to my delight, they came up and I have been getting blooms like this. I need to find some Stargazer Lilies. I adore them and their heady scent.
 This bed is along the front porch. Again, mostly shade. This shot shows Gebera daisies, purple Oxalis, and Scotch moss. The bed is full of these, irish moss, scilla, coleus, ajuga, and a Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant...that I think it got too hot for.
 I have a lot of salvia and sage that was here when I moved in. Watering, fertilizing, and mulching have produced some very pretty plants and blooms. This is an Indigo Spires I believe.
 There were two big batches of Lamb's Ears also that came with the house. I love them. Most people cut off the flower stems, but I like them. This picture is when they first came out. I love the gray fuzzy with tiny purple flowers.
And this is a white salvia that came with the place. Most of them are in a bed that was built up with rocks. I have to redo it because everytime I water...whether sprinkler or soaker hose....the water runs down into the swale. Not cool....we're in drought...the plants need the water, not the rocks.
Well, that is today's update. I will post more as I remember to in the days ahead. I have been working my tail off in this yard. I got almost an inch of rain a couple of weeks ago and discovered that when I don't have to spend my time watering, I can actually get stuff done in the house. We are praying for a nice soaking tropical storm to break the drought.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Smart alek Addendum


It Snowed!!!

Last week was astounding. First they said Houston would get snow, and they only got some ice. The weather people really didn't know what was going to happen. Up here in New Braunfels, we got about a quarter of an inch of snow. This snow had an ice base, so that meant that I-10 was closed in San Antonio, and 35 was closed through New Braunfels. We have mainly overpasses here, so they just closed the whole stretch. It was a magical wonderland and a rarity in this part of the woods. Kids got out of school, parents stayed home from work, and everybody robbed the lids off their trashcans and looked for a place to sled.
 This stuff was very dry powder. I guess it's great for skiing. Son managed to pack enough of it together to make a wee little snowman on top of his truck hood.
 Dog and I took a walk with the camera. This is the view up my road from the gate. I loved how the snow crunched under my shoes.
 A view of the backyard from the upstairs bathroom window.
 An artistic shot of snow and rocks.
 This is from the front balcony down to the front yard. It makes me sigh deeply with contentment.
 Another artsy fartsy shot of yucca in the snow. I knew you wanted to see artsy fartsy. You're welcome.
 But the pipes from the well froze. Three nights of sub freezing temps did a number on exposed pvc pipes. Have no clue why they put them that way. Once I put an electric blanket on the pipes and covered that with more blankets, it thawed slowly. I ended up with some pretty foul water for a bit. It took a while, but I finally got clear water. Add that to the list of things we have to take care of on top of the addition that FIL lives in. It is not insulated. His window unit barely put out any heat, so I popped two space heaters in there and ran a fan blowing into the house to blow out the cold air. After years of living in crappy houses, I found that if you blow air out of the cold room, warm air will return. I managed to get him toasty warm.
How was your cold weather? Sister in Houston found out that heat pumps are worthless in cold weather.