Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Say Hello to my little Friend

This is story 'bout Minne the Moocher. (of electricity)

She was a RED HOT Hoochie Coocher....

the 2nd pic is for scale; that's a standard paint can.

I can't say when she'll be operational, the cost of wiring her is going to be ...alot.

But she is now a part of the family.

Otter: She's gou-ge-us! So, how long till you think I can put in requests? Looks like I will need to plan pottery weeks in a year, eh?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Heat and disappointment

This is turning out to be a bitch of a week...kinda like last week. First's over 100 degrees out there. I hate the heat. I hate the heat....oh, did I already say that? I also only got 2/10 of an inch of rain out of that hurricane. So I have been watering my plants to keep them from drying up to a crisp.
Next, I have things to do, but have been guilt tripped into spending 3 hours a night at VBS. And to top everything off.....I can't upload the pictures I wanted to post because the youngest brat came over last tuesday night, set up my laptop and wireless router, then proceeded to suck my bandwidth on downloads. Funny thing is....I didn't have that much of a problem until today. Maybe they will let me have my full speed back by tomorrow.
And due to having to run all over kingdom come the past two weeks and water the yard to keep things alive, I haven't gotten to fill my pool. I could use a splash in water right now. Oops, no, right now I have to take a shower, feed the dog and cats, and head in to stand around in an unair conditioned building serving snacks. Bummer. At least I told them I wouldn't be there tomorrow because hubby is coming home. But I sure could use those 3 hours tonight getting things cleaned up.
I hate the heat.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Swap package

Look at all the pretties:
Harmony DPNs, Harmony Circs
Black Panda Silk, Blue Mohair laceweight
"Walking" Sock & Half-Circle Chapel Veil Patterns
2 handmade soaps, Starbucks Espresso Truffles & Anna's Chocolate Mint Thins
Now that I've posted, I can cast-on and munch some chocolate.
Oh and yes, that IS a purple tape measure...Ha,ha
Otter: Beotch
and btw....I am going to be a nasty mixture of pissed and depressed if I don't get rain out of this Hurricane.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly, Well Hello, Dolly
Its so nice to have you back
Where you belooonnngg
You're Lookin Swell
I can tell
Hey, hey a possible rainmaker and we BOTH might get some good outta the ole'gal!
Otter: Oh beliiiiieve me....I am all atwitter out here. Keeping a close watch on weather channel....except when Nazi Abrams and schmuck Bettes is on. Heading to the city to get my shopping over with tuesday so I can sit at home, watch the clouds come in and maybe breathe in rain cooled air wednesday and thursday. Bring it on, dolly!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

While Everything Burns-2nd Verse

Woman dies after being hit by a car.
She was crossing the highway, on foot, at 2 a.m.
She was hit by a police car.

Gun Battle in the drugstore parking lot.
Armed robber walks past armed security guard, proceeds to back of store to try and force clerk to open safe. Unsuccessful. Next option, hold everyone at gunpoint at front checkout and force said clerk to open register. In walks off-duty deputy, gunman flees, shots exchanged in parking lot. Perp gets away.

Struggle with burgler.
Cops enter a residence where there is a burglary in progress. People scatter. Cop chases down ‘big guy’ and tussle ensues. Cop hollers for help. Second cop tazers the perp. Twice.
Perp. Dead. “One officer transported to ___ ___ hospital for heat exhaustion.”

Carjack Jackpot.
Off Duty constable gets carjacked in his personal car. Crooks make off with car, gun, and tazer.

Oh and as a follow-up to fire stories:
1 apartment inferno caused by little girl playing with a lighter and torching the drapes.
Nursery fire was apparently arson (y’think?).
Oh, and one old couple’s house burns down… started by a cigarette. I thought Mythbusters proved that couldn’t happen.

Ahhh and the intellectual giants presenting the news:
When excitedly discussing the opening of 3 new lanes on the I-10 Parking Lot, one presenter exclaimed, "Its like open fields of a concrete prairie."
Y'know, I'm not sure, but I don't think there is another city anywhere where people wax poetic about concrete. GEESH

Otter: Ohhkkaayyy......maybe being out in podunk digging up rocks isn't such a bad thing. Ugh...never cared for open prairies....much less the rare sighting of a concrete one. I will keep my nasty cedar and mesquite, thank you very much.

It's never easy

I finally splurged and bought a pool. It was on sale about $50 off and I was tired of the sweltering heat and nothing to do but get in the shower or stand outside and squirt the hose in the air. Thing is....I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I tried to pick the model that would be the easiest for me to set up by myself. Since the box was faded out from laying in the sun at the store, it was hard to decipher what the details were.
I picked a spot....and laid out the ground cover. Rut-roh.

Nice spot, but not big enough. So I looked around and got out the big tape measure and found a spot.
The fence is no problem. I have a roll of dense sun screening fabric that my friend at the plant store sold me. I can tie it up to the fence for privacy. The problem is......the area has to be level. Double Rut-roh. For the next few mornings and maybe evenings when it is cool, I have to get out there and dig and hoe until I get the area clean and level. Ugh! And can you see that dark spot to the left of the area? That isn't a rock, that is a cedar stub. I am hoping I can knock it down without having to dig to China to get it out. That is in addition to the rocks to dig up.
So, I suppose if I am diligent and don't give myself heatstroke, I may have my pool set up by sometime next week.
It's never easy for me in the Rocktown Subdivision of Southern Podunk.
btw...for the uninitiated.....yes, that is a Ford pickup bed in the edge of the picture. That, my friends, is the truck farm. When hubby replaced the bed on a pickup he had years ago, I insisted that the bed go in the backyard because I could fill it with soil and it would be deeper than any place I have around here. It has served me well. I just didn't work it this year. Too many other things got in the way of time to do a vege garden.
Cubedog: Too bad your carport is already full. Then you'd have shade as well.
What would be easier-digging to China or laying down a sand bed? Hmmmm? Personally, I'd be finding out where I could get a big load of sand delivered from.

Otter: Well, sand would be nice, but the instructions say not to use sand. Got to be a solid base. Oh, and carport is sloping also. Screwed all the way around.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"While Everything Burns"

today: Back to Blog Topic.
We had an interesting weekend around here. Not that I'd know without consulting the local news...I've been pouting.
Here goes:
Local fire department gets called out to an inferno. A plant nursury is burning and the fire is being fueled by bags of fertilizer. They run around the neighborhood evacuating people-fighting said fire-no injuries, but damage includes melted cars-it was that hot.
While the FD is trying to fight blaze above, another call comes in; apartment fire within a couple miles. No injuries-total property loss.
While FD is fighting both fires above, yet another call comes in; apartment fire within a couple miles of first fire.
So I have 2 questions: What was someone trying to either cover up or detract attention from?
And why did the news girl sound so bummed while reporting there were no injuries?

More just can't make this shit up!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blowing my ears back

OMG......I just upgraded from 28kbps dial 1000mb satellite internet. Can you say night and day?
Okay...gotta go surf. I can watch video's and tutorials now.....WooHoo!!!
Cubedog: Welcome to the 21st century.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Screwed Again

Y'know there are just some times in life when you gotta say, " &*#(@&#$*&^@$(^@$*^$*@&y$*&@$*^@$(^&@$(@$&@#(*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can NOT believe I fell for that crap AGAIN!"
I am feeling totally screwed by the "Black Yarn Swap".
The girl I sent to got her package. The girl supposedly sending to me got HER package, but there was no love sent my way.
It is almost a month since the "official" mail out date and 2 weeks since my 'swap-or' messaged me to tell me that she was taking the package to the post THAT DAY.
Ok, soooooooo here's the question; Did she? Dunno, haven't heard from here since. Haven't seen tape nor label of said package. I mean, WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE? This is downright rude.
I didn't think my karma was so bad that I would get "EFFED OVER" on my very first swap....and I got it coming and going. Well, that's it.
I will put down the Kool-Aid and crawl back in my anti-social sarcastic cacoon.
I will NEVER trust another one.

Otter: Oh dear, if I had known you were going to jump into a swap right off the bat, I would have cautioned you. With all the "trendiness" of knitting, it attracts a lot of flakes. I am cautious around them until I get to know which way they blow. And it is obvious that the coordinator of the swap is not as experienced in the genre as she wants everyone to think. You can say anything online, in movies, and on tv and no one will point out the lies. Hard lesson learned. But cheer up, there will be a package coming in the mail to you since you can't make it here for the weekend. Will box it up this afternoon to mail in the morning. (nah, not sharing yarn)

Oh, I have soooo much more nastiness to spew.
Looking forward to the entertainment. Got to be better than the scratching going on here. I do think you are right in my being allergic to housework. It seems to pop up every month or so.....about as often as I clean...cuz it sure ain't hormones!