Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Brown-brown, my world is brown. On a clear day, you can see forever out here. This ain't one of those. We have got high wind and fire advisories out. The wind is viscious but it is the brown sky that concerns me. It's one of those nasty flashbacks to when Lubbock used to visit Midland on a regular basis. I even have pictures from back then. I never thought I would take pictures down here that looks the same. This must be a pretty vile wind because farming isn't that big in the area around me or north of me, not to the extent that it would cause brown skies. You don't suppose this is Lubbock, do you? Oh the humanity! For the love of all that's good....NO!
It's bad enough that I thought I got away from the dirt I was allergic to and moved to the cedar I am also allergic to........now it must come to visit?
I think I will go take a nap. That's the ticket.....it's all a bad dream and the sky will be blue again when I wake up. Nighters for an hour or so!
Oh yeah, while I was in town running endless errands, the fire dept ran everything they had out my way. I can't tell you how nervous that makes me to be in town when they head out my direction. I kept waiting for FIL to call me on my cell. Not to worry......didn't see hide nor hair of them on the way home.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just gotta say....

Ok, first order of business: Thanks to Attila the Mum over at Lil Walnut Brain for teaching me the term "Rantypants", cuz I'm about to get some on:

1) What the HELL is with tax rebates being given to people who don't pay taxes?

Its like the gov't saying,"Oh good, you're breathing, here's some money."

The problem is, that's MY freaking money! Paid outta my freaking check! I say get a

damned job and participate like every other RESPONSIBLE citizen!

Oh, and on that vein.....how much effing 'boost' did the ecomony get LAST time they crapped

out checks to every Tom, Dick, and Crack-Ho(& no, that is NOT a racial slur-I know

crack-hos of every color)?

2) When, in history, has 'redistribution of wealth' ever been successful as a societal norm?

Hmmmm? Queen Hitlery needs to do her homework and make sure the cameras aren't

rolling when she makes statements like "...I will redistribute the wealth....", but it will soon be forgotten.

3) I hate the media....I hate the media....I hate the media.

Why? Oh thank you for asking;

A) Can we please have both sides of a damned headline? ie:Texas ranked #1 in the nation for

'Greenhouse gas' emissions. IF we were an independent nation, we would rank in the top

10 in the world.

Okay great, but could you please remind Mr. & Ms. Clueless Liberal out there who are

baptized in the religion of Global Warming (alleluia, brother), that Texas has the GDP

index of a small nation. Where do they think all that electricity to run their cars is coming


B)Two words-Barak Obama. Every since this DICK decided to run, CNN has been running

non-stop free political ads for him-thinly veiled as "news stories". Interesting that they

haven't run any "news stories" about Tom Tancredo's bid for nomination, or any of the

GOP hopefuls for that matter. Ok, they occasionally mention Mit, John, Rudy, Mike, or

Ron, but then its back to Barak. You'd think Barak Husain Obama was the second coming.

C)Bias......OMG, I was watching local dumb-holes and they were taking about the GOP

debate and showing BARARF AND SHRILLARY gladhanding their adoring masses.

I was like, WTF?

Alrighty then-just had to get that off my chest. And do you have any idea how hard it was to keep it PG-13?
Otter: Well, now we come to the reason I don't watch the news or news story programs. According to the media, we are suppose to vote for a woman or a black guy......just because they are there. Doesn't matter if they are the right person for the job or not. We are just supposed to make history by voting one of them in.
Scuz me.....I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.....
Cubedog: Yeah, I'd LOVE the chance to tel Shrillery, "You can talk to me, but where will we put the barf." Actually, I'd relish the chance to tell almost any politician that.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Doin's

Got the bug early. You can see the first results above. I weeded out and reorganized a cabinet so it made sense. Also removed the crocks from the top. I will only keep one and the rest are going heaven-only-knows. I may have to make a haul to the second hand store. I will post more cabinets as I get them redone. Right now there are boxes of food all over the countertops where I went shopping and have no place to put them. When the food prep crap overtakes the kitchen to where there is no place for actual food.....it's time to weed out and reorganize. It's not like I cook either.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Murder in Podunk!
Some white guy got offed at the trailer park last sunday. They didn't find him until tuesday. Ick.
Now murder is so rare here that it makes an impression. Like when notorious outlaw Will Carver was gunned down here. Anyway, this is only the second since I moved here, I think, and that was somewhere around 18 years ago. The first one I remember just after I moved here was when a crusty old drunk couple got pissed off at each other and she shot him (I think he shot first and missed.....you lose a turn). Any other murders in the area were a result of illegal Mexicans crossing the border and killing a ranch family and an attempt on ranch workers. We refuse to be all PC and stuff when we live with the murderous rampages of illegals here. I guess if you don't live with it, or turn your head the other way, then you can get all dewey-eyed over the plight of people who won't do anything to improve their own country, so sneak over here and suck funds off the taxes paid by honest hard working people.
Cubedog: Well, alrighty then.....an event like a gringo murder in a trailer park wouldn't even get news play down here, unless there was something peculiar about the circumstances. Like it was his wife, or kid that did the killin'...or if he had died defending his property-ahem, er, sorry, died in the vigilante attempt to shot some poor defenseless victim of society or the Imperial US of A...
or like the woman found (at closing time)dead on the firing line of a local gun range...they still aren't sure whether it was murder or suicide. She walked in, rented a gun, went to the firing line, and never returned. Now THAT gets media coverage!
Otter: Show off! Actually, the Texas Rangers were called in to investigate. How bout them apples? Should know by tomorrow if they are releasing anymore information. Sure got the town abuzz.
Oh, and hub is home, so all quiet on the front lines for this week.

Okay, off that soapbox. I'll let you know more about the mystery murder victim as info is leaked.

PS....in the photo above, you can see on the top left shelf, the whiteish mug is my San Antonio Starbucks mug. The dark one behind it is my Houston Starbucks mug. Interestingly, the Houston mug is larger than the San Antonio mug. Hey, that reminds me....I neglected to get one from Tulsa. I will have to email the kid and get Casey to pick one up for me since she is the resident Starbucks addict in that household.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Off in another world

Ok, ok, so I really, really have meant to post. I even have a snit to pitch, a bunch to get my panties out of.....I just haven't.

I promise I'll do better.
Otter: Love the poster! Time to get on the stick.....Podunk has had a murder....details will follow as info is leaked to the public.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I think I scared it away

I put out my Snow Men and Santa Barbie.....

I put out my Snow Kitty and twinkly birdhouse....

Then I put out the sparkly Let It Snow sign........

I think I jinxed things. We have had it a bit nippy at times, but no real winter to speak of. Kind of like winter in your area. I think I scared winter away at my house.....ARGH!

Cubedog:Yeah, but did you see the Green Bay game yesterday. That'll make you happy to live in the south. Haven't seen snow like that in years. Damn glad Bigdog isn't a lumberjack!

Otter: Oh no! Were they playing in Green Bay? That would mean that Audy had snow on her birthday! Waaa....baby girl turned 10!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seasonal Fun

I think I may live. Yesterday I was afraid I was going to. I got a flu. I only puked once though at the first on Monday night. I guess that was introduction 101. After that it was just pain and high temps. The first night I had a sweet hairy little buddy stretch out along my spine and keep me warm nearly all night. That must have been tough on him as I was running 101 degrees all night.
Today I have got to launder my bedding. Not just sweat from fevers, but hair from all the company I kept during my sickness. They were all very nice for the most part and we had only one incident. Of course, it had to involve the boy picking on a girl. The culprit is now laying on my sofa belly up. But we all survived. Sure glad I had my FIL next door for emergencies. Darling other half never checked in like he said he would. I emailed him yesterday and haven't heard back.
You do know that calls for major guilt trip, don't you? Got to start plotting it now. He never bothers to call while I lay dying. Help me out here. Cubedog:Look in your email for a notice from Yarntopia about the Knitting Retreat in Rockport....I'll double with ya if ya want? I know you've got alot of emails to go through and I don't want you to mniss out, cuz it took you a few days to actually read about it.
When I feel stronger, I will fill you in on the wedding from hell.....except for the actual ceremony, which still reeked of whisky from the father of the bride and his horse...oops, girlfriend.Cubedog:Sounds strangely familiar...like my first wedding.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ok, so I get up every morning and turn on the local news. Mind you this is not because I'm a news junkie. I like to know what the weather is going to do that day....and how many stupid people torched their houses overnight(average of 3 per night).
I get very frustrated with our local-yokels trying to relate every flippin national story back to local news. If a kid gets shot in a school in Saschetchawan(sp?), the local talking heads will end the story with a reference back to one of our (many) local school shootings. If a tree grows in Brooklyn, they will remind us that a tree grew here also...albeit 25 years ago, but what the heck, we have had our own tree problems(see what an "international city" we are?)!
This morning....this came up: Officials: Suspect killed, tried to eat girlfriend
they didn't even try.....
Otter: OMG.....I don't EVEN want the news at 10. Can you see me shudder? I have nothing more to add.
Cubedog: In TYLER of all places!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A note from IT

Have I ever told you how much I hate computers? Well, actually I hate the volutile combo of Bigdog and computers. I hate being the IT dept. that has to fix the tech when he has used and abused it.
I told him last night (after a 3 hr fight w/21st c. tech) that I was going to get him 2 sticks to rub together and 2 cans on a string. I finally threw in the proverbial towel and decided that the computer didn't really need sound-to hell with vid games (yes, I DID check the "mute all" box, and no, that waasn't the problem).
This afternoon I decided to check whether I'd gotten an answer from the manufacturer, Yes, but they got the part wrong;therefore, no answer that was pertinent.
On a whim, I hooked up the built in speakers....still no sound. Grrrrr. I ,for some reason, I opened up the "volume control". I pushed one lever-"Wave". Voila! sound! Now reconnect the 5.1 surround sound...WOOHOOO!
I ran outside and got Bigdog. I am now a genius and don't have to do another damned thing today-well, until I have to cook dinner.
I love being regarded as a genius.....for pushing a lever.
Otter: Ahhh...but then there is that moment when you become the hero and it all almost......almost becomes worth it. Been there, done that, honestly don't care for it myself.