Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Doin's

Got the bug early. You can see the first results above. I weeded out and reorganized a cabinet so it made sense. Also removed the crocks from the top. I will only keep one and the rest are going heaven-only-knows. I may have to make a haul to the second hand store. I will post more cabinets as I get them redone. Right now there are boxes of food all over the countertops where I went shopping and have no place to put them. When the food prep crap overtakes the kitchen to where there is no place for actual's time to weed out and reorganize. It's not like I cook either.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Murder in Podunk!
Some white guy got offed at the trailer park last sunday. They didn't find him until tuesday. Ick.
Now murder is so rare here that it makes an impression. Like when notorious outlaw Will Carver was gunned down here. Anyway, this is only the second since I moved here, I think, and that was somewhere around 18 years ago. The first one I remember just after I moved here was when a crusty old drunk couple got pissed off at each other and she shot him (I think he shot first and lose a turn). Any other murders in the area were a result of illegal Mexicans crossing the border and killing a ranch family and an attempt on ranch workers. We refuse to be all PC and stuff when we live with the murderous rampages of illegals here. I guess if you don't live with it, or turn your head the other way, then you can get all dewey-eyed over the plight of people who won't do anything to improve their own country, so sneak over here and suck funds off the taxes paid by honest hard working people.
Cubedog: Well, alrighty event like a gringo murder in a trailer park wouldn't even get news play down here, unless there was something peculiar about the circumstances. Like it was his wife, or kid that did the killin'...or if he had died defending his property-ahem, er, sorry, died in the vigilante attempt to shot some poor defenseless victim of society or the Imperial US of A...
or like the woman found (at closing time)dead on the firing line of a local gun range...they still aren't sure whether it was murder or suicide. She walked in, rented a gun, went to the firing line, and never returned. Now THAT gets media coverage!
Otter: Show off! Actually, the Texas Rangers were called in to investigate. How bout them apples? Should know by tomorrow if they are releasing anymore information. Sure got the town abuzz.
Oh, and hub is home, so all quiet on the front lines for this week.

Okay, off that soapbox. I'll let you know more about the mystery murder victim as info is leaked. the photo above, you can see on the top left shelf, the whiteish mug is my San Antonio Starbucks mug. The dark one behind it is my Houston Starbucks mug. Interestingly, the Houston mug is larger than the San Antonio mug. Hey, that reminds me....I neglected to get one from Tulsa. I will have to email the kid and get Casey to pick one up for me since she is the resident Starbucks addict in that household.

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