Sunday, January 6, 2008

A note from IT

Have I ever told you how much I hate computers? Well, actually I hate the volutile combo of Bigdog and computers. I hate being the IT dept. that has to fix the tech when he has used and abused it.
I told him last night (after a 3 hr fight w/21st c. tech) that I was going to get him 2 sticks to rub together and 2 cans on a string. I finally threw in the proverbial towel and decided that the computer didn't really need sound-to hell with vid games (yes, I DID check the "mute all" box, and no, that waasn't the problem).
This afternoon I decided to check whether I'd gotten an answer from the manufacturer, Yes, but they got the part wrong;therefore, no answer that was pertinent.
On a whim, I hooked up the built in speakers....still no sound. Grrrrr. I ,for some reason, I opened up the "volume control". I pushed one lever-"Wave". Voila! sound! Now reconnect the 5.1 surround sound...WOOHOOO!
I ran outside and got Bigdog. I am now a genius and don't have to do another damned thing today-well, until I have to cook dinner.
I love being regarded as a genius.....for pushing a lever.
Otter: Ahhh...but then there is that moment when you become the hero and it all almost......almost becomes worth it. Been there, done that, honestly don't care for it myself.

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