Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ever had one of "those" months? How 'bout one of "those" weeks?
So I'm due to leave Friday morning. All 'syched and everthing. Got my week planned.
Tues.: get tooth implanted and rest cleaned.
Wed.: chiropractor-gotta be loose for the road.
Thurs.: knit group-gotta stay up with my 'peeps'. Pack.
Fri.: breakfast with BigDog and off I go!
But Nooooooooo......now I have to wait til after 11...maybe noon. I have to go to GP now.
I think I've got Thrush......................again! And I haven't had an antibiotic in-well, I can't even remember how long. Guess its been 2-3 months?
Crap! what do I gotta do to get rid of this stuff once and for all?
Grrrrrrrrr-I am really getting tired of these "every doc under the friggin sun" weeks. Could turn into a "month" thing, cuz I'm sure GP is going to want me to go to at least 1 maybe 2 specialists
Otter: I am tellin' ya.....ya need to move to the boonies. I asked my doc yesterday evening if I needed to get a shot. Nope, as long as the green snot was only in the morning and clear the rest of the day then I am okay. If I needed one, then I would just call them up, they would have me come right in, drop my drawers, and be on my happy way. Sometimes boonieliving is sweet.
I was hoping you would get here in time to visit a new store we have downtown. Rats! I don't know what all she has in the store, but do know there are local artists featured.....not crapcrafters.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sorry Otter-gotta ver off topic one post:

1. Do you knit, crochet, or both?both
2. What do you prefer to knit or crochet? (socks? sweaters? cables?) prefer garments
What would you like to try to knit or crochet? lace
3. What are your hobbies outside of knitting or crocheting?sewing, painting, kumihimo, gardening
4. Do you have any fiber allergies? nope Fiber preferances? soft
5. Do you have any favourite books, music, or tv shows? If so, what are they? Dragonriders of Pern series(books), Celtic music, Ghosthunters(TV)
6. Do you have any pets? 3 cats, 2 dogs
7. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? yes
8. Do you prefer coffee or tea? yes
9. Aside black, which colours do you like/dislike? like red, hot pink, crimson, cobalt-dislike Puce
10. What is your favourite time of the year? (season-wise or holiday-wise) fall
11. What is your favourite scent? earthy smells, patchoulli, sandelwood, ambergris, etc
12. What do you collect? dust mostly (hee,hee), skulls, Happy Bunny, frig magnets
13. If there's anything else you'd like your swappee to know, list them here: I don't drink, I like Medieval stuff,

Otter: LOL....not a problem. Wasn't surprised when I saw it. You have got the rav fever now! Hey, send some cool gulf breezes my way......gonna be 100 nearly all week!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Hot

When it's hot, the dogs, cats, and birds truly appreciate a bowl of water on the front porch. I walked in the living room in time to see mad splashing.

Can you see his compadre sitting on the side of the bowl, awaiting his turn?
Pictures are flipped. This is the first bird splashing with the second bird coming up for his turn. The first picture is of when the first bird left and the second bird got in for its bath.
I just looked out the window after hearing birdsong, and there is another one bathing. I guess I had better refresh the water before one of the pets drinks bird schmutz.
Cubedog: So nice of you to provide a public bath for the wildlife. Personally, I get tired of these city sparrows terrorizing my yard in order to dust bathe......trade ya!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well I did it

Yes, I gave into the pressure. I gave into the repeated peer pressure. I got tired of the shocked looks and unbelieving gasps. The cries of, "But Aren't you_______!"(fill in the blank)
I signed up on the Ravelry invite list......
I feel like such a sheeple.
But anyway, I've done it. Hopefully, my clever, creative username isn't already in use. I'm not really good at usernames. I see other folk's wonderful, inventive, oh-so-clever names and I feel completely inadequate. Hell! Everybody thought I was "addictedtoknitting"...damn its already in use...."purldiver"...how clever, wouldn't have thought of that one, cuz I'm not a diver, but that was another one that people confused with me cuz of BigDog.
"yarndork"?...hmmmm...probably in use
I just don't know, maybe just "Skully".
What do you think?
Otter: Hmmm.....just make yourself a little list, and make sure you can live with the name. Then when your number comes up....try your fav, then go on down the list. They have opened up the choice to change your name twice before they charge you for it. So, you have options in case suddenly the perfect name comes later.
First thing you have to do is join the Smartass Yarn Ho's....then Crochet Liberation Front. After that, you are on your own to chose (ain't I nice ;) . The other day I let the Yarn Ho's in on the blog.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Summer Oven

As parts of Texas are slid into the 100 degree oven for the next five and a half months, I have put this picture on my desktop to sit and gaze at. Cool cloudy ocean breezes.....oh how I miss it already. Gaze with me and go "ahhhhhhh"!

ps. remind me to take the stupid day/time stamp off the camera....geesh!
pps: The Clueless One couldn't get his satelite to work right. It wouldn't come on, or it wouldn't show local channels. Got someone in the know out here. Come to find out....it's kismet.....the receiver can no longer work on two tv's at the same time. I am busting a gut because of the previously posted 2 tv's, one must go! Life gets real good sometimes......ROFLMAO

Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I love Fridays

Especially red Fridays.
Let me explain, the company offers flexible schedules. One option results in the worker having every other Friday off. The whole company is broken out into 3 teams, red, white, and blue. I am on white team…I don’t take every other Friday.

HR has tried really hard to divide blue and red evenly, but it really doesn’t work out that well. More people are on the red team. Thus, red Fridays are always really, really quiet. An added bonus is that for red and blue people, the Friday that they have to work-they get to leave 1 hour earlier than their normal schedule.
This is where it gets good.
In my corner of the world, out of 8 cubes and 3 offices, 6 are red team, one is blue(and leaves at 4), one leaves at 4 everyday, and one leaves at 4 if he has kid retrieval duty.
That means that the quiet turns into a morgue-like state at 4 with only one other person here…and she is busy surfing Craigslist.
For one whole hour I AM THE BOSS!
If I keep really quiet, no one knows that I’m even here…..
God I love Fridays!

Otter: Sweeet! Hey, I tried to send mom flowers for Mom's Day. The florist said they can't get orders to her city anymore because all the florist's there are so swamped that they are refusing anymore orders. I called Mom and told her I would bring her a nice outdoor plant as soon as I can get free. With the garage sale coming up, it is liable to be another week before I can get up there.
BTW.....it is 97 degrees in town right now......and 100 out at my house. I am just not ready for this yet!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dangers of Living on Interstates

So I was sitting outside last night, enjoying the cool evening...knowing a hot day would follow...and it did....when I noticed a copter in the night sky, oddly quiet but well lit. I found it strange because we never see helicopters at night.
This evenings news brings the answer (and yes it was pretty darn close to 100 degrees). Seems there was this fugitive from Florida that had a little accident "a few miles west of town" and took off across ranchland with a shotgun. That copter flying over my house with lights on was a night vision bird looking for the bad guy running from the law with a shotgun. Hello! This is the second time in the past couple of months that there have been creeps setting off major manhunts around my tight section of the interstate!
Seriously considering a police scanner radio. I want to at least know when to load the gun and not leisurely lounge outside in the evenings like a sitting duck!!

ps. we need to discuss how you put cool pictures in. I need the picture of a maddog.

CubeDog: this is how I do it:1)search engine "maddog", click on IMAGE tab, choose your image, save to your 'puter. 2)when creating a post, click on the picture next to the checkmark(spell check), browse to your image, load 3)move image to where you want it within your post
Seriously scary stuff out in BFE, but then, that's just another "day in the life" over here.


This should go under the heading of:
So Big Dog got a good paycheck; we decide to go grocery shopping. Not just the ,”Running to the store for milk and butter”, but the “We shouldn’t run out of T-Paper for a month” kind of shopping.
Big Dog being Big Dog, we naturally loaded up on meat…meat…and meat with a side of meat. Our local new store had brisket on for $0.79/lb w/ $10 purchase. Not too shabby. Soooo, after enduring the live Mariachis in the meat dept.-yep, LIVE Mariachi Band! We snag a HUGE brisket. This sucker had to be cut in half cuz we didn’t have a pan big enough to marinate it all together. BD announces that he will marinate the meat for a day-then smoke it a day. Translation? Expect a ‘meat-fest’ on Tuesday night.
Only something went terribly wrong in BD’s brain (nothing new mind you-just wish there was a warning).
I get home-expecting, nah, anticipating said meat-fest. I walk in after a crap-day and a crap-commute (granted, I HAVE been crab-i-lious lately, I think its shopping withdrawal) and DB, with a drunken flourish, unveils dinner.
I am standing there, Phoenecia groceries in hand, looking into the eyes of a stewed fish!
Yep-the whole damned fish; eyes, fins, gills; ALL!
I could not stop myself. It happened so quickly. There just wasn’t time to engage the internal dialogue.
“I didn’t have time to thaw anything out.” (OK, so the 20lbs of meat in the frig doesn’t count?)
“No more Anthony Bourdain for you. What? is the second course sheep’s intestine stuffed with spleen? Or maybe pigs anus?”

BD is at this point laughing so hard he is turning red-a sure sigh that he is 3 sheets to the wind.
This was the moment, that defining moment, the one where you KNOW beyond any doubt that you have pushed the issue too far.
I was to find out much later that he had planned a party for the next day. Wednesday-the middle of the work week, a BBQ beerbash….’scuse me? When were you going to let me in on this “David Tuturra” moment?
You know how I found out? One of his buds called to cancel.
But wait…there’s more.
Once the fur settled and the blood dried, we sat down to pick through one of the boniest fish I’ve ever seen and catch a little ‘tube.
We finished the evening cordially enough, watching “The Alaska Experiment” and trying to wash the taste of the (come to find out) Drum fish out of our mouths.
On the show, the participants are shooting squirrel and bunnies for dinner. BD starts grilling me on the best time to kill squirrels for food.
“If I get home tomorrow and you are cooking up squirrel gravy? You are going to get banned from watching this show as well!”

All I can say is Thank God we don’t watch Andrew Zimmern!

Otter: Okay, now you are just trying to make me throw up! And a Mariachi band??????

Oh, and Bubby is banned from cooking at my house!