Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dangers of Living on Interstates

So I was sitting outside last night, enjoying the cool evening...knowing a hot day would follow...and it did....when I noticed a copter in the night sky, oddly quiet but well lit. I found it strange because we never see helicopters at night.
This evenings news brings the answer (and yes it was pretty darn close to 100 degrees). Seems there was this fugitive from Florida that had a little accident "a few miles west of town" and took off across ranchland with a shotgun. That copter flying over my house with lights on was a night vision bird looking for the bad guy running from the law with a shotgun. Hello! This is the second time in the past couple of months that there have been creeps setting off major manhunts around my tight section of the interstate!
Seriously considering a police scanner radio. I want to at least know when to load the gun and not leisurely lounge outside in the evenings like a sitting duck!!

ps. we need to discuss how you put cool pictures in. I need the picture of a maddog.

CubeDog: this is how I do it:1)search engine "maddog", click on IMAGE tab, choose your image, save to your 'puter. 2)when creating a post, click on the picture next to the checkmark(spell check), browse to your image, load 3)move image to where you want it within your post
Seriously scary stuff out in BFE, but then, that's just another "day in the life" over here.

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