Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ever had one of "those" months? How 'bout one of "those" weeks?
So I'm due to leave Friday morning. All 'syched and everthing. Got my week planned.
Tues.: get tooth implanted and rest cleaned.
Wed.: chiropractor-gotta be loose for the road.
Thurs.: knit group-gotta stay up with my 'peeps'. Pack.
Fri.: breakfast with BigDog and off I go!
But Nooooooooo......now I have to wait til after 11...maybe noon. I have to go to GP now.
I think I've got Thrush......................again! And I haven't had an antibiotic in-well, I can't even remember how long. Guess its been 2-3 months?
Crap! what do I gotta do to get rid of this stuff once and for all?
Grrrrrrrrr-I am really getting tired of these "every doc under the friggin sun" weeks. Could turn into a "month" thing, cuz I'm sure GP is going to want me to go to at least 1 maybe 2 specialists
Otter: I am tellin' ya.....ya need to move to the boonies. I asked my doc yesterday evening if I needed to get a shot. Nope, as long as the green snot was only in the morning and clear the rest of the day then I am okay. If I needed one, then I would just call them up, they would have me come right in, drop my drawers, and be on my happy way. Sometimes boonieliving is sweet.
I was hoping you would get here in time to visit a new store we have downtown. Rats! I don't know what all she has in the store, but do know there are local artists featured.....not crapcrafters.

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