Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I love Fridays

Especially red Fridays.
Let me explain, the company offers flexible schedules. One option results in the worker having every other Friday off. The whole company is broken out into 3 teams, red, white, and blue. I am on white team…I don’t take every other Friday.

HR has tried really hard to divide blue and red evenly, but it really doesn’t work out that well. More people are on the red team. Thus, red Fridays are always really, really quiet. An added bonus is that for red and blue people, the Friday that they have to work-they get to leave 1 hour earlier than their normal schedule.
This is where it gets good.
In my corner of the world, out of 8 cubes and 3 offices, 6 are red team, one is blue(and leaves at 4), one leaves at 4 everyday, and one leaves at 4 if he has kid retrieval duty.
That means that the quiet turns into a morgue-like state at 4 with only one other person here…and she is busy surfing Craigslist.
For one whole hour I AM THE BOSS!
If I keep really quiet, no one knows that I’m even here…..
God I love Fridays!

Otter: Sweeet! Hey, I tried to send mom flowers for Mom's Day. The florist said they can't get orders to her city anymore because all the florist's there are so swamped that they are refusing anymore orders. I called Mom and told her I would bring her a nice outdoor plant as soon as I can get free. With the garage sale coming up, it is liable to be another week before I can get up there. is 97 degrees in town right now......and 100 out at my house. I am just not ready for this yet!!

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