Monday, March 10, 2008

Wild weekend in the City

I would just like to begin by saying: if you're a fan of Carlos Mencia-you get it....if not, I don't care.......
It was a wild weekend here. I'm glad we stayed home and played 'domesticas'.
The body count by this morning was 13 dead-most of those were homicides.
Other Scoreboards: Houses 2
Cars 0
But the best story by far, the one that gets my 1st ever Carlos Mencia Commemorative Award for Stupidity goes to.........(drumroll)
The young woman who was racing down a suburban street, lost control of her car, ran into a closed garage door , the 2 vehicles on the other side of it, then the fence and tree beside the garage. Both she and her passenger failed the field sobriety test. She was protesting her innocence all the way to central booking, saying "she hadn't done anything wrong."
Dumb, drunk chick-we salute you...
All together now-you know the cheer>>>>>>>>>>>>Dee,Da,Deeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The close runner-up has to be the guy who had to be rescued from his flaming pick-up by a passing tow-truck driver. The dude had lost control on the freeway, took out 4 trees before coming to a flaming stop. He blames the whole thing on what? Restless Leg Syndrome!
Yes Ladies and Gents.....
the gene pool may be large here....but its very, very shallow.
Otter: gee.....I didn't know I could use RLS as an excuse! I will file that one away...good for giving any officer a chuckle.
You make Podunk BFE look like paradise on a stick (or is that in the sticks). As far as I know, the biggest thing so far this year was the murder, which I haven't heard has been solved.....need to do my nosey poking around to find out. Hmm...sounds like a good reason to email my BFF, she knows everything that goes on around here.
In the "It's All Good" catagory; The other half went back to work this morning. Two more weeks of the sweet life. I only have to spend three days with him next time he is home, then I am off to the beach! WooHoo! Not that I don't like his company, just that....well....The Clueless One, ya know?

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Pain Never Ends

Remember when I moaned endlessly about the tv for each eyeball? I was so glad when we got that settled. Then last month The Clueless One came home with a new toy cuz all his friends had this new toy and he wanted one. Of course, it came in the disguise of a gift for me (too bad you can't see my eyes roll). Needless to say, this didn't fit into the old cabinet. I looked for weeks and we finally found a new cabinet I liked. Tada! Craftsmen style in a way.
Cubedog: beautiful, the bookcases on the other hand....
Otter: Shaddup......I haven't gotten that far in the weeding process yet. But if you are refering to the golden oak color.....amazingly enough, The Clueless One got a clue and noticed. Of course, that meant another project for me....staining the bookcases. On a lighter note, the cabinet should go with the mantle surround I found at the thrift store....thirties craftsman style.

So what happened to the old tv and cabinet,you ask? So glad you asked. The Clueless One decided he wanted to use the cabinet in his office. No problem. I helped him shuffle desks, then left him alone to figure it out. It wasn't very long before I heard him call me to come see.....quick! He could hardly wait for me to see his masterpiece.......

All I can figure is that it comes in handy when he is lying on the sofa that faces it, he once again has a tv for each eyeball. You can't tell from the pic, but yes, they are tuned to the same channel.
The Clueless One has outfoxed me......again.
Cubedog: Peas & Rice! Is that a 3rd TV on the very tippy top? I could (almost) understand if they were on different channels, but what the HelloDolly?!? Not even Bigdog would try to pull that one and we all know how creative he can be;case in point, I want a patio cover-he goes out and buys and installs on my oak tree one Army surplus parachute......

Otter: Au contraire.....tis the Bose up there, which blasts Symphony quality sound at Clueless One. It's his office so he does what he wants in there. At least I only have a big honking 40 inch plasma tv to make it's presence known. No one had a cabinet big enough to hide that monstrosity.

I asked for a front porch....picturing a quaint wood railing and all that cute country porch idea. Instead I get pipe frame and pipe railing. He likes to point out how he got decorative and used spiraled pipe on the front posts. I just put the big nix on metal siding. The roof is okay...Hawaiian Blue looks good....metal siding not so much. I just can't take anymore metal around here!


Its National Crochet Month!

You Hookin'?

Otter: Well duh! Hookin a pair of socks out of Tofutsies. I intend to have them to wear at the end of the month. Just finished two purses that I need to line.

Okay, I live on the coast. Subtropical zone...and its MARCH! This morning I watched as a humongous snow sheild slowly inched its way towards my house. I'm wearing a long-sleeved T, my Keltic sweater, wristwarmers, a trenchcoat, and my handmade socks....and I'm freezing. Thank God and Fedex that Mom got her knitted cape Wednesday, cuz I can only imagine how cold ya'll are further north. Ugh, I knew this was coming. Had a feeling that I was going to get at least one more chance to wear my new sweater before God opened the oven door on the south.
Otter: Just got the deep freeze effect this round. Last week the youngest had to rub my nose in the fact that it was snowing up in Mom's city, then called again when 20 miles from home saying it was still snowing. He was bringing it south with him, but alas, only slight flurries...when I blinked they were gone. Got a nice little bit of rain yesterday, still could use some more. I am seriously sick of covering and uncovering plants and living with a jungle in the house!

In other news, I hope they find, and bury, that piece of excrement that bombed the recruiting center in New York. Justice would be to put him in Marine Corp boot camp....and tell all the Marines just what he did. Or maybe turn the patients at Walter Reed loose on him.
Amen sister!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As the Stomach Turns-a political rant

ok-yeah-Obama lost Texas last night. So what do you think CNN is batting around this morning? Oh, a little thing called 'race'. Obama lost because of race.
More hispanics voted for Hillary and more A-As voted for Obama......who is it that is bringing these numbers to our attention? Who is it that is throwing 'color/race' into the mix? The MSM. Can't they just give us the numbers? Who the hell asked them to break it down by race?
If folks want to live in a 'colorblind' world-it has to start with the MSM.

Otter: Not only that, but imagine for a minute, God forbid, he wins the office. No one.....Not one human on this planet, will be allowed to parody, mimic, or otherwise make fun of him as they do Dubya.......because MSM and AA organizations would scream racist. Political cartoonists would be out of their jobs. SNL would have half their material censored. There would be no colorblindness....anything against him would be labeled racist. The liberals are the worst at racism, they promote it by labeling everything racist anyway.
My rant finished.