Friday, March 7, 2008


Its National Crochet Month!

You Hookin'?

Otter: Well duh! Hookin a pair of socks out of Tofutsies. I intend to have them to wear at the end of the month. Just finished two purses that I need to line.

Okay, I live on the coast. Subtropical zone...and its MARCH! This morning I watched as a humongous snow sheild slowly inched its way towards my house. I'm wearing a long-sleeved T, my Keltic sweater, wristwarmers, a trenchcoat, and my handmade socks....and I'm freezing. Thank God and Fedex that Mom got her knitted cape Wednesday, cuz I can only imagine how cold ya'll are further north. Ugh, I knew this was coming. Had a feeling that I was going to get at least one more chance to wear my new sweater before God opened the oven door on the south.
Otter: Just got the deep freeze effect this round. Last week the youngest had to rub my nose in the fact that it was snowing up in Mom's city, then called again when 20 miles from home saying it was still snowing. He was bringing it south with him, but alas, only slight flurries...when I blinked they were gone. Got a nice little bit of rain yesterday, still could use some more. I am seriously sick of covering and uncovering plants and living with a jungle in the house!

In other news, I hope they find, and bury, that piece of excrement that bombed the recruiting center in New York. Justice would be to put him in Marine Corp boot camp....and tell all the Marines just what he did. Or maybe turn the patients at Walter Reed loose on him.
Amen sister!!

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