Monday, March 10, 2008

Wild weekend in the City

I would just like to begin by saying: if you're a fan of Carlos Mencia-you get it....if not, I don't care.......
It was a wild weekend here. I'm glad we stayed home and played 'domesticas'.
The body count by this morning was 13 dead-most of those were homicides.
Other Scoreboards: Houses 2
Cars 0
But the best story by far, the one that gets my 1st ever Carlos Mencia Commemorative Award for Stupidity goes to.........(drumroll)
The young woman who was racing down a suburban street, lost control of her car, ran into a closed garage door , the 2 vehicles on the other side of it, then the fence and tree beside the garage. Both she and her passenger failed the field sobriety test. She was protesting her innocence all the way to central booking, saying "she hadn't done anything wrong."
Dumb, drunk chick-we salute you...
All together now-you know the cheer>>>>>>>>>>>>Dee,Da,Deeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The close runner-up has to be the guy who had to be rescued from his flaming pick-up by a passing tow-truck driver. The dude had lost control on the freeway, took out 4 trees before coming to a flaming stop. He blames the whole thing on what? Restless Leg Syndrome!
Yes Ladies and Gents.....
the gene pool may be large here....but its very, very shallow.
Otter: gee.....I didn't know I could use RLS as an excuse! I will file that one away...good for giving any officer a chuckle.
You make Podunk BFE look like paradise on a stick (or is that in the sticks). As far as I know, the biggest thing so far this year was the murder, which I haven't heard has been solved.....need to do my nosey poking around to find out. Hmm...sounds like a good reason to email my BFF, she knows everything that goes on around here.
In the "It's All Good" catagory; The other half went back to work this morning. Two more weeks of the sweet life. I only have to spend three days with him next time he is home, then I am off to the beach! WooHoo! Not that I don't like his company, just that....well....The Clueless One, ya know?

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