Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As the Stomach Turns-a political rant

ok-yeah-Obama lost Texas last night. So what do you think CNN is batting around this morning? Oh, a little thing called 'race'. Obama lost because of race.
More hispanics voted for Hillary and more A-As voted for Obama......who is it that is bringing these numbers to our attention? Who is it that is throwing 'color/race' into the mix? The MSM. Can't they just give us the numbers? Who the hell asked them to break it down by race?
If folks want to live in a 'colorblind' world-it has to start with the MSM.

Otter: Not only that, but imagine for a minute, God forbid, he wins the office. No one.....Not one human on this planet, will be allowed to parody, mimic, or otherwise make fun of him as they do Dubya.......because MSM and AA organizations would scream racist. Political cartoonists would be out of their jobs. SNL would have half their material censored. There would be no colorblindness....anything against him would be labeled racist. The liberals are the worst at racism, they promote it by labeling everything racist anyway.
My rant finished.

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