Thursday, February 28, 2008

And I thought a dump was bad

I thought all was well when the dump pile was dug under and covered up. I have never been rude or nasty about any of it....just disappointed in a neighbor that I thought was a friend. Well, today my disappointment has turned into hurt and dispair and disgust.
There has been a road grader and front loader in the pasture the past week or so. This week there has been firing up of heavy tractors at 7:30am. I had to get up early the past few days so it didn't worry me too much. I just hoped that it wasn't going to develop into a problem. Today it did. The road grader was going back and forth in the pasture all afternoon. The dirt flying was thick and in my house with the windows closed. I couldn't step outside without getting a face full of dirt. Being totally baffled, I called next door. The wife answered and when I asked what was going on, was rudely told it was none of my business.....I didn't tell them what happened at my house and it was none of my business what happened on their property. I did manage to get out of her that they were going to be parking tractors and heavy machinery on THEIR property.

I don't think I can even tell you how upsetting this turn of events is. Fifty feet from my bedroom window will be a heavy machinery lot. Fifty feet from my bedroom window will be heavy diesel equipment firing up at the butt crack of dawn. Their dirt, diesel fumes and noise is in my face and I was rudely informed that it wasn't any of my business. There was no common courtesy of letting us know what was planned. Just rude nastiness and total disregard for a neighbor that has been nothing but nice. And as far as I can tell so far........I am screwed unless I move. Oh, and my property value has just plummeted.
Cubedog: I'm so sorry. You could start to consider that maybe God's trying to tell you something. Allergies so bad you got hives, husband in North Tx, kids in OK, constuction contractor next door.....I say build a privacy fence (like we have in the city)-get an agent out to appraise and put the place on the market. Hmmmm-Boerne? Tyler? Rockport? But then, I know there are sooo many other considerations. I know its gonna be tough to leave this little hell-hole I call home. Hell, I saw a woman pushing a shopping cart down the street today from the grocery store.....this place is going down "south" fast. And beleive me, I empathize about the fumes, Our contractor neighbor warms up his ancient diesel truck in the driveway and fills our livingroom AND bedroom with carbon dioxide EVERY morning. So I get my morning coffee, news and pollution all at once.

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