Friday, February 1, 2008

where I've been

OMG! The crud that's traveling the state finally caught me. Of course, I was out in the yard Sunday; spring cleaning, It was a beautiful day-sun shining, warm breezes. Then WHAM! My chest closed in Monday. By Tuesday the 'positive thinking' therapy had shown itself to be total crap. No matter how many times I told myself, "Self, its just allergies, your fine." it just go worse and worse. So, what lesson do we take away from this? Sunshine and warm breezes are detrimental to your health. Stay away from'll kill you.
Otter: Yeah, it got Di too....the day after her birthday. And you messed up, this entry should have been put under the tag of Death and dying.

On a brighter note..........LOST.


Did you see the Oceanic commercial during Eli Stone? Totally-WTF?
Well duh....does a know. I even taped it for hubs and the kid. Emailed the oldest to ask if he was tuning in. Lucky I did because he forgot.
And I agree....Wow!
I saw a commercial to go to their website to try to win an unlimited airline pass. Yeah, that would change my life forever! I didn't register the website in my head though, so forgot. Besides, you probably have to know a million pieces of minutia about the program and I am not a total Losthead. Now oldest could, but not me.

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