Wednesday, February 20, 2008

can't make this sh*t up

I just got these from a friend across town. These were taken this week on US59.

That's a 12' ladder.

ok so maybe we aren't a "world class city", but you'd think people could show SOME class.....
You might be a redneck if......
All this guy needs is "JUST MARRIED" scrawled across the back windshield.
Fruit loops......I am forced to share my world with fruit loops.
More Proof? how bout this:
I would love to pitch an hour long comedy to Comedy Central; working title "CSI: H)&*^$*n".
After loosing accreditation, credibility, face.....and fighting and spending (our taxes) back to credible....or at least open for business, our local crime lab did it again. The person running it was giving her subordinates answers to the licensing tests they are required to take. She resigns....and lands a plumb job with the state lab.. WHAT?????
Otter: Okay, I live in way West Podunk and even I haven't seen anything so ridiculous, or at least worthy of being pulled over and ticketed.
State lab? Okay, you are just trying to scare me! Not funny :(

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