Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Hot

When it's hot, the dogs, cats, and birds truly appreciate a bowl of water on the front porch. I walked in the living room in time to see mad splashing.

Can you see his compadre sitting on the side of the bowl, awaiting his turn?
Pictures are flipped. This is the first bird splashing with the second bird coming up for his turn. The first picture is of when the first bird left and the second bird got in for its bath.
I just looked out the window after hearing birdsong, and there is another one bathing. I guess I had better refresh the water before one of the pets drinks bird schmutz.
Cubedog: So nice of you to provide a public bath for the wildlife. Personally, I get tired of these city sparrows terrorizing my yard in order to dust bathe......trade ya!

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