Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seasonal Fun

I think I may live. Yesterday I was afraid I was going to. I got a flu. I only puked once though at the first on Monday night. I guess that was introduction 101. After that it was just pain and high temps. The first night I had a sweet hairy little buddy stretch out along my spine and keep me warm nearly all night. That must have been tough on him as I was running 101 degrees all night.
Today I have got to launder my bedding. Not just sweat from fevers, but hair from all the company I kept during my sickness. They were all very nice for the most part and we had only one incident. Of course, it had to involve the boy picking on a girl. The culprit is now laying on my sofa belly up. But we all survived. Sure glad I had my FIL next door for emergencies. Darling other half never checked in like he said he would. I emailed him yesterday and haven't heard back.
You do know that calls for major guilt trip, don't you? Got to start plotting it now. He never bothers to call while I lay dying. Help me out here. Cubedog:Look in your email for a notice from Yarntopia about the Knitting Retreat in Rockport....I'll double with ya if ya want? I know you've got alot of emails to go through and I don't want you to mniss out, cuz it took you a few days to actually read about it.
When I feel stronger, I will fill you in on the wedding from hell.....except for the actual ceremony, which still reeked of whisky from the father of the bride and his horse...oops, girlfriend.Cubedog:Sounds strangely my first wedding.

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