Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's never easy

I finally splurged and bought a pool. It was on sale about $50 off and I was tired of the sweltering heat and nothing to do but get in the shower or stand outside and squirt the hose in the air. Thing is....I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I tried to pick the model that would be the easiest for me to set up by myself. Since the box was faded out from laying in the sun at the store, it was hard to decipher what the details were.
I picked a spot....and laid out the ground cover. Rut-roh.

Nice spot, but not big enough. So I looked around and got out the big tape measure and found a spot.
The fence is no problem. I have a roll of dense sun screening fabric that my friend at the plant store sold me. I can tie it up to the fence for privacy. The problem is......the area has to be level. Double Rut-roh. For the next few mornings and maybe evenings when it is cool, I have to get out there and dig and hoe until I get the area clean and level. Ugh! And can you see that dark spot to the left of the area? That isn't a rock, that is a cedar stub. I am hoping I can knock it down without having to dig to China to get it out. That is in addition to the rocks to dig up.
So, I suppose if I am diligent and don't give myself heatstroke, I may have my pool set up by sometime next week.
It's never easy for me in the Rocktown Subdivision of Southern Podunk.
btw...for the uninitiated.....yes, that is a Ford pickup bed in the edge of the picture. That, my friends, is the truck farm. When hubby replaced the bed on a pickup he had years ago, I insisted that the bed go in the backyard because I could fill it with soil and it would be deeper than any place I have around here. It has served me well. I just didn't work it this year. Too many other things got in the way of time to do a vege garden.
Cubedog: Too bad your carport is already full. Then you'd have shade as well.
What would be easier-digging to China or laying down a sand bed? Hmmmm? Personally, I'd be finding out where I could get a big load of sand delivered from.

Otter: Well, sand would be nice, but the instructions say not to use sand. Got to be a solid base. Oh, and carport is sloping also. Screwed all the way around.

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