Monday, July 28, 2008

Heat and disappointment

This is turning out to be a bitch of a week...kinda like last week. First's over 100 degrees out there. I hate the heat. I hate the heat....oh, did I already say that? I also only got 2/10 of an inch of rain out of that hurricane. So I have been watering my plants to keep them from drying up to a crisp.
Next, I have things to do, but have been guilt tripped into spending 3 hours a night at VBS. And to top everything off.....I can't upload the pictures I wanted to post because the youngest brat came over last tuesday night, set up my laptop and wireless router, then proceeded to suck my bandwidth on downloads. Funny thing is....I didn't have that much of a problem until today. Maybe they will let me have my full speed back by tomorrow.
And due to having to run all over kingdom come the past two weeks and water the yard to keep things alive, I haven't gotten to fill my pool. I could use a splash in water right now. Oops, no, right now I have to take a shower, feed the dog and cats, and head in to stand around in an unair conditioned building serving snacks. Bummer. At least I told them I wouldn't be there tomorrow because hubby is coming home. But I sure could use those 3 hours tonight getting things cleaned up.
I hate the heat.

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