Thursday, July 10, 2008

Screwed Again

Y'know there are just some times in life when you gotta say, " &*#(@&#$*&^@$(^@$*^$*@&y$*&@$*^@$(^&@$(@$&@#(*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can NOT believe I fell for that crap AGAIN!"
I am feeling totally screwed by the "Black Yarn Swap".
The girl I sent to got her package. The girl supposedly sending to me got HER package, but there was no love sent my way.
It is almost a month since the "official" mail out date and 2 weeks since my 'swap-or' messaged me to tell me that she was taking the package to the post THAT DAY.
Ok, soooooooo here's the question; Did she? Dunno, haven't heard from here since. Haven't seen tape nor label of said package. I mean, WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE? This is downright rude.
I didn't think my karma was so bad that I would get "EFFED OVER" on my very first swap....and I got it coming and going. Well, that's it.
I will put down the Kool-Aid and crawl back in my anti-social sarcastic cacoon.
I will NEVER trust another one.

Otter: Oh dear, if I had known you were going to jump into a swap right off the bat, I would have cautioned you. With all the "trendiness" of knitting, it attracts a lot of flakes. I am cautious around them until I get to know which way they blow. And it is obvious that the coordinator of the swap is not as experienced in the genre as she wants everyone to think. You can say anything online, in movies, and on tv and no one will point out the lies. Hard lesson learned. But cheer up, there will be a package coming in the mail to you since you can't make it here for the weekend. Will box it up this afternoon to mail in the morning. (nah, not sharing yarn)

Oh, I have soooo much more nastiness to spew.
Looking forward to the entertainment. Got to be better than the scratching going on here. I do think you are right in my being allergic to housework. It seems to pop up every month or so.....about as often as I clean...cuz it sure ain't hormones!

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