Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dazed and Confused

Sis and I haven't exactly been active the past few months. Sorry about that, readers. Life seems to be getting in the way. I noticed though, that we are getting hits from around the world. India, Sweden, Jakarta, Russia, Canada...etc. Can anyone leave us a comment and tell us why? Intensely curious.
I suppose these two prairiedogs should get back to telling you our life stories, huh.
Agreed, we really should get back. I was just thinking that this morning as I passed a new bit of landscaping along my route. I will get a pic first, then watch out-the blog monster will return!
On a related note; BigDog is STILL unemployed. After 9 months, his cooking is getting better and the house is actually starting to look clean. The lawn is mowed regularly and Whitedog and Blackdog are thoroughly convinced that they were born for sleeping on the couch all the a/c. Whitedog is going downhill fast and now sleeps about 36 hours straight. When she does get up, she gets stuck behind doors and in corners. Bigdog is actually starting to treat Blackdog like she deserves (she's such a good dog).
Well, tata for now.
We'll be back.....

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