Monday, June 2, 2008

And it begins

Meet me at the seawall and lets torment some seagulls. Oh how I want to be right there today with the clouds and choppy seas, and cool winds........

We had a couple of 100 degree days last month. But it would cool back down to normal. Of course, it doesn't really matter much since it has only rain a hair over 2 inches in over 5 months.

But today they promise at least 100 degrees and are hinting it may be hotter than that through the week. I hate living in the south in summer.

On the bright side.....I am all alone out here. Hubs and his dad left this morning. Dad is going to stay with hubs this week. He has his sister and her family up there. So hubs didn't take the Harley. He just knows that since he didn't take her, work will slow down next week after his dad leaves and he will regret not having the bike to amuse himself with.

But for's so wonderfully quiet out here. That is, except for the rig going up across the road. I know one is going in on my road, and it sure sounds like it is across the road south of me. I hope if it is, they make lots of noise.....that would be justice for the snippy remarks from the neighbor south of me after I asked her about the heavy construction equipment out my bedroom window.

Oh, and let's hold a minute of silence for Gretchen. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning after 15 years on earth. I am sure she was gladly met by Dad and Buddy.
CubeDog: Yeah, guess what OUR heat index is forecast for today...100-106! I told BigDog to either get to the yard early or not at all. I don't want him dying at home. Can't afford it. He can just go die at work...but then, they have those lovely ocean breezes at work...

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