Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can I start singing now?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it....What?
Yep, snow, sleet...winter stuff. Right down here on the coast.
I learned a new meteorlogical tidbit yesterday. The last time we got significant snowfall down here was in the early 80s, the year this area got hit by a significant hurricane. It has something to do with the hurricane cooling the Gulf waters.
Well, guess what happened this year. See previous weather posts....
Now today..before the middle of December, they are predicting sleet and snow. The area just north of us is already seeing frozen stuff.
I just don't even want to get out and get on the road with the other commuters (not to mention the icy blast of air).
OMG....the weather map on the morning news is showing slow less than an hour west of me!
crap, I gotta go get bundled up and go play in the street.
Otter: You what???!!!! Let me get this right.....You live on the tropical side of the state, I live in a more temperate region of the same snows west, north and east of me....I got maybe 2 tenths of an inch of desperately needed rain (if you discount the bee that was rehydrated in the rain gauge), and 24 degree temps......and you get snow on the tropical coast????!!! There is absolutely no justice whatsoever!

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bev said...

you get snow, we get rain. where is the justice in that?