Monday, January 12, 2009

Ahhhh-city traffic

From the land of neverending traffic and the people that gave us:
Car-B-Que: car fire
Gawker Block: traffic slowing down to stare at a wreck (Ooooo-pretty lights)
I bring you......
Highway Snot: traffic congestion
and new in.......
Trickle down Wreckanomics: accident starts with one or 2 cars and escalates to multiples
Its kinda sad when something is so prevalent that it rates its own Sniglets.

Otter: I will quietly whisper about being in town the other day and having to sit at an intersection for a whole minute while about a dozen cars went by before I could turn onto the road home. oops.
Every time that happens, I talk to myself about how rough the traffic was in Houston and if I could drive there, I can handle Podunk at rush minute.

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bev said...

Well, the traffic guys on the radio have to have some way to describe what they are seeing from their vantage point within the helicopter. And, I think the trickle down wreckanomics was perfected in the San Francisco Bay Area.