Friday, January 16, 2009

Dammit-not again

Sometimes I really wonder how I lived this long.
Last night I went out to feed Bandit kitty. Not like climbing Everest or anything. No, not especially Daredevil worthy. Simply take bag of cruchies out across patio, up on deck, shake out approx. 1/4 cup of said crunchies in dog inaccessible spot, return to house. Nope, nothing particularly dangerous there.
O wait, it IS me doing this and of course, being me, I had to turn it into another Olympic sport.
I'll call it "Sidewalk Skeleton".
I was in socks and the first manuoever involved catching the ball of left foot on the edge of the sidewalk about 3 feet from the backdoor. Next came a Michael Phelps worthy face plant to the sidewalk followed by the skelton slide diagonally across the sidewalk, ending with a "Hail Mary" body block to the fence. The trick is to loose no skin to the face, nor grip on pack of smokes in one hand and bag of cat crunchies in the other.
As I write this, it sounds way more graceful than it felt at the time, or than it feels now.
Wish I could get 'collision coverage' on my body.
BigDog bought me a massage for Valentines Day...he gave me the card early, cuz "You might be needing this."

Otter: I can't wait.....I believe, but am astounded you took such an easy route this time. Not using stairs or a roof.....taking it down to simple....a sidewalk. I applaud your creativity on such a simple act.


bev said...

Love your version of Olympic sports. Now if you could only do it without injury to yourself, you might be onto something for the extreme Olympics.

Phro5gg said...

I don't think Michael Phelph could have hung on to the cigs. THat's not something they can tecah you, that's instinct Baby! Go buy yourself lots of yarn to comfort yourself.