Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun week so far

The fever I ran monday, accompanied by joint aches, had me a little nervous. But I recovered without oinking by evening, so all is well. I think it was just a reaction from the allergy meds getting out of my system.
Yesterday afternoon I took a short nap and was sitting outside drinking some coffee and having a smoke, never knowing until I went in to cool off, that the power was out. The humidity has been in the 80% range the past week, so temps in the upper 80's has been very uncomfortable. I don't know how you get the "feels like" temp from that. The power was out for over half an hour and with a breeze blowing, it was nicer outside. They said a breaker had thrown and didn't know why. For us, that means this will keep on happening until the breaker breaks. That day will probably be on the hottest day of the year and will take a couple of hours to get it going. I think on that day I will just get dressed and go in the city or something.
For camera will not capture the intense blue of bluebonnets. I have rarely seen a photograph taken of them that actually captures the color. It is something that can only be painted or seen in person. And the lilacs in the air.
Today's picture is of one batch of iris that are blooming. I will have to post a pic of the yellow ones later. They don't stay with the plant long. I snip the stalks and bring them in the house to enjoy. I love it when a dark purple one and a yellow one are blooming at the same time. So pretty together in a vase.

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bev said...

Thanks for the iris picture. It is beautiful. Bet it would look pretty with a yellow iris in a vase. Someday iris flowers will bloom in abundance around my little corner of the woods. Again, thanks for posting the pic. Hope things cool off for you and that you didn't oink!