Sunday, May 3, 2009

I fold

Okay, you got rain, I got you had to have more rain and shut down half of Houston. haha. I fold. You win.
Of course, it has been so muggy here since the rain that I could have come to visit you and not noticed a difference in weather. The A/C came on the day it was 82 degrees in the house with 84% humidity. That was enough. But hey, I am proud to have almost made it to May before turning it on for the rest of the year.
The bluebonnets have loved the rain. They started blooming long ago, but have gone amuck since the rain. The burr clover has gone amuck also. I have got to drag myself out there and pull some of it up or I will have pet fur full of that stuff that they will pull off in the house....mostly in my bed.
Today a sweet breeze is blowing. It is nice and cool and blowing the humidity away. That's why it's sweet.
Have a good week!

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bev said...

I remember burr clover from my childhood. Not fun stuff on bare feet! We have already had 91 degree days! Crazy! Your picture is so pretty. Love the color of the blue bonnets.