Monday, April 27, 2009

Flood on the west end today

Looks like we are going to flood from one end of I-10 to the other. This is what we got this morning....3 inches in a few short hours. I prefer that over the length of a it time to sink into the soil, not run off it. This is looking out across father-in-law's drive to the pasture. That light color in the background is the dry draw that runs across the pasture. It was up and flowing nicely for a while. Kid and I need to trapse out there tomorrow and check the fences to make sure the water gaps are still up. Probably have to do some debris clearing.

And this is my road. I think I will dub it River Road. Hubs and I were discussing hauling up some giant sized flat rocks to put into the big holes that have developed over the years. Sure wish we had a ditch digger to cut some drainage ditches around here.
And this is the view from my front porch, across my yard (the part we call the lane), and across FIL's back yard. Water, water, everywhere. At least the pecan tree is getting a good drink. Maybe it will flower and produce nuts like crazy after this.
I hope your tornado watches and warnings are as unproductive as mine were.

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