Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Witch is Gone!

Ding dong, the witch is gone,
The Witch moved on,
The Witch is gone.
Ding Dong the Wicked Witch moved on!

There is a large moving van up at the neighbor's house. YeeHaw! It's official! I was so afraid that since they haven't been able to sell the place, that they would change their minds and stay.

I get crap in town about how nice she is. I tell those people that none...NONE.. of her neighbor's like them at all.
Gone is the voice that cuts through the air like fingernails on chalkboard. Gone is the brats that are perfect. Gone is the town gossip. Gone is the woman who thought she should raise everyone else's kids. Only thing is that no one has found out what lawyer they used to keep the perfect brats out of jail. But at least there will be no more animals tortured to death. Isn't that what they say serial killers begin at a young age?
And the pesky steers that they starved all the time are gone also! WooHoo!!
Got to go into town to do some banking and grocery shopping. It is going to be wonderful to drive by their house and see the van loading things. God is good.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, ain't that a great feeling?

(Hmm. Why am I afraid people said similar things about me the last time I moved? Oh well, at least I don't have kids!) LOL

Hope you get some GREAT new neighbors out of this deal!

SusanB-knits said...

Enjoy your day shopping. And here's a prayer for nice new neighbors!