Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas TEA Party

Yesterday I went to my first protest. I didn't do things like that as a teenager when it was wildly popular. This was one of thousands held all across the US to protest the indescriminate taxing that the government is doing.
The one I went to was held in Tom Green County. A large county with a city of around 100,000 that I don't think they count AF base people. It draws from a couple dozen surrounding communities. Being a smaller city, I was astounded to find that over 1200 people were on the courthouse lawn. It was a wonderful time of prayer, anthem singing, pledging to the Texas flag, and rousing speeches. I think we did exceptionally well. I had to leave a bit early as it takes me an hour to get home and Lost was coming on tv at 8pm.
The first picture is of when they had the sign holders go up front to the steps. This is only a small section of them.
Again, a small section of the crowd that was there. I took a movie or two to try to show just how many people were there, but my computer is being cranky and doesn't want to open them. Maybe I can upload one of them to Youtube....gotta learn how first.
Today I am so sore I can hardly move. I had spent the day shopping before hitting the protest. My legs are screaming at me, and my back is backing them up.
A promise of rain tonight.....WooHoo!!!

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