Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting back to "Normal"

I was sent this heartwarming story of survival by my friend. This is his story and I asked permission to share it. I know you will enjoy, may it bless your day as it did mine:

"...... Miss Kitty was cool, calm & collected throughout the whole thing, until the aftermath. Once the storm was over with and the humidity levels began to rise, that’s when she started getting restless and anti-social. She’d hide for most of the day, sleeping, and really wanted nothing to do with me pretty-much. She was probably saying “Turn on the damned air already, you idiot. And while you’re at it, how ‘bout some lights ? And what’s up with all these insanely loud noises outside ? Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here ?” (That noise was work crews and wood-chippers cleaning up the downed trees and fallen limbs in the street and on the complex property).
I had no water pressure either for the weekend, so I was taking “showers” in my bathing suit in the rain on my front patio, bars of soap and shampoo in-hand (hope I didn’t scare anybody with THAT visual). I wasn’t about to drain my emergency water supply in the tub to bathe, and besides, that water was ice-cold anyway. At least the rain was a tolerable temperature.

The funny thing, though, was just hours before the hurricane hit, I just so happened to replace the litter in Miss Kitty’s box. However, I found I only had about half a litter box worth of new litter to put back in, to my dismay. So as the weekend progressed, with no power, a tub full of water, wet carpeting, wet everything outside, the windows wide open, and absolutely NO wind what-so-ever blowing outside for several hours, the humidity levels inside became almost unbearable. That’s when the “damp musties” started in, making everything start smelling quite “wonderful”. The smell of wet, humid carpet and water soaked grass, mud and wood, etc . . . was getting to be a little much by Sunday morning. So because of the low level of litter in the box, I knew I would have to scoop out her box at least once a day, instead of every 3 days like I normally I do (I keep her box quite full, for just that reason). So late Sunday morning, I went over to clean out her box, and the most wonderful flowery smell filled my nose: the smell of fresh cat litter. It was the best smelling thing in the house. I just sat there for a minute, enjoying the near sensory-overloading smell of modern civilization, cat poop and all. I thought it was pathetically hilarious at the time. I was sitting there next to the litter box thinking how pathetic l had become viewing a soiled toilet as a mild blessing. At the same time I was thinking how funny it was that in the midst of all my insignificant “suffering” (as opposed to those who REALLY had problems at the time), I would find a silver lining underneath a cat turd. Thank you Fresh Step."

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