Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Ike developments

We have 4 evacuees now, we are getting 4 more tonight. D'ya think I can get assistance from Red Cross?

We got out earlier and checked out damage around the 'hood.

This guy came around and scraped the crud outta the gutters so the street was passable.

Next door neighbor's.

We are very blessed-this coulda been us.

Otter: Do you think maybe HOA will be cruising at first light monday....making lists of who needs to be sent a threatening letter about the uprooted tree in their yard......shingles off roof.....yeah, get that done in one week or we will sue you!
Can you imagine your HOA in Galveston. Dear Homeowner, We noticed your house is missing. We strongly suggest you find it and put it back within two weeks or we will be forced to file suit against you for breach of HOA contract.


kelly said...

LOL - my dad has an HOA like that. This summer he and his partener received an order to remove their garage. After some confused back and forth-ing, it transpired that the "garage" in question was a small rubbermaid tool cabinet under their back deck.

serenawelsh said...

Wow. HOAs everywhere are the same, arent' they?
We recently had a couple of attempted break-ins, so someone (and I wouldn't have any information on who) put a sign at our neighborhood entrance - "Tresspassers will be forced to sit through HOA meetings."

We've not had a problem since!

Otter said...

Wow you guys! Between Cubedogs horror HOA stories and yours....I am soooo blessed I don't deal with them and hope never to. Of course, underhanded, shifty neighbors is another story.