Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike-Day 5

I'm still out of the office. The 12 story glass atrium in the middle DID take some damage. There is also a rumor the bldg management is having problems getting the bldg services to behave.
Boss says the Poobahs are gathering today to assess the situation and make a gameplan for getting back on track.
I'm starting to get upset with HOA. They have had a crew out clearing the debris from the median on our road. I still have a brush line around the yard, so do my neighbors. We;ve been given no instructions on how to dispose of this stuff. What the HELL do we pay these people for?
The local news is reporting that there is rain coming. Grrreeeaaatttt. Bright side? At least if the brush stays wet, its less of a fire hazard.
Good news is-they were reporting last night that they are seeing fewer people in the lines for water, ice, and food.

Otter: I had a feeling that there must have been some damage at the office. These people are too much into opening for business at all costs , to have kept it closed this long.
You know....the members of the HOA ought to get together and send registered letters to the HOA, demanding they clean up the neighborhood or risk a lawsuit. A taste of their own medicine would be sweet, wouldn't it?
Any word about Orange? I think it would be just fantastic if you got some of those days off with peace and privacy. Now I think you understand a bit about kids. Just be thankful you haven't got a houseful of toddlers.
I am almost through cleaning out my car. I scrubbed the dash, Armour-All'd it, vacuumed up pet hair, washed inside glass, and will finish vacuuming it out when my dustbuster recharges. It smells all nice and clean. I am taking a very dear friend up to an Emmaus Walk. I am really excited for her. She has had a very difficult time this year with things going wrong. She will be able to relax, recharge, and be waited on like she is dearly loved. So I will be going to the city this afternoon, saturday evening, and sunday afternoon. Great time for the gas prices to rise, eh?

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