Thursday, November 13, 2008


I get an incredible amount of shit over my fascination with skulls.
I've been called everything from satanist, to 'evil', to 'weird.
So once and for all I am compiling some things here, so I can direct folks to come to the blog and leave me alone.
I found this explanation online and I love I stole it:

(Oh, in art, the skull is called 'momento mori')
memento mori” is a latin phrase that when translated, states “remember that you are mortal”.
the term became widely used in the 15th century and became synonymous with the term “carpe diem”
or “seize the day”. these sayings and icons became visual reminders that life on earth is fleeting
and one should live every day to its fullest potential.
Very good explanation.
So now for some illustration;
First from St. Peter's Basilica, tomb of Alexander (some #), bronze and marble:

Franz Hals:

and one I never knew about before today....Vincent VanGogh

There are many other examples in classical art...Google it.

The image has been bastardized by the Neo-Goth movement, bikers, etc. Not my problem. Oh, and just remember this...most classical skeleton sculptures an memento mori were executed (no pun intended) in service to the church.

So, get off my arse!

ps: I am adding the 'definition' to my Rav profile

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junior_goddess said...

Vincent smoked weed too???