Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tx Ren Fest. Part One

I'm back at the hotel now; trying to cool off. This was not the year for leather. I think I'll go for Tex-Mex tonight cuz I just sweated off more than a few pounds. Y'know, I like coming out here cuz I always see something that makes me say, "Thank you God." This year it was a woman in size (probably)8-10 jeans and a belly built for a size 14-16. I thought, "Thank you God, for giving me the good sense to know what DOESN"T FREAKING FIT ME!"

Of course there's always the white hippos in nothing but chainmail. That's a given and you just have to pity to poor little classless peice of crap.

On the the good stuff. Bobble Bob went to TRF this year, enjoy:

Bob wanted to have his pic taken with the Spirit of the Bells, but he was mobbed after the concert; maybe tomorrow Bob.

This one was just for me. My favorite live band: Tartanic. Fab music, pretty, talented men in skirts-what could be finer.

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