Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Prairie

Thank goodness for quiet days in the country. I am sore all over from a busy day yesterday. I helped set up and clean up after a Christmas party with my study group, then a couple of hours after that was kids church. I am really trying to learn all the kid's names but I am horrible with names and it has only been a couple of months.
Today the dogs and I piled into the SUV and headed into town for errands. Most important was dog food. We got up to the gate and had to wait on turkeys to get out of the road. It was a batch of hens with this spring's chicks who are almost as big as their mommas. Jack hung his head out the window with intensity as we drove past them. I thought he was going to jump out of the vehicle when we passed a squirrel in town. Then the same batch of turkey were close to the road when we came home, only they were intently scratching through some hay leftover from horse feeding at the neighbors. There was another flock (?) of them in my pasture when we got close to the house. I am trying to get the dogs not to chase them but it's difficult when they are such fun. The cats don't bother. I will have to dig up a picture of what happens when the birds spot a cat. Hmmm....maybe another time. Apparently that was so long ago that the cats were interested that the pictures are now on floppies. Don't want to dig out my player right now.
Just got through spilling Pepsi on my computer desk. Don't know why I can't just pick up a glass and drink it like other people. No, I have to fling it hither and yon and only drink half of it. It has been a clumsy week. Maybe I should just go lie down on the sofa and knit.
Cubedog: Interesting, I typically suffer that same malady, but with coffee and my office computer. Big Dog usually tags the home 'puter. And speaking of Big Dog tagging something; bet this pic would make him salivate. Kinda the Pavlovian/dog theme.
Oh, and the turkey pic is from a couple of years ago in my backyard. Quite a spectacle that I got lots of shots of. This one is labeled Tom Gentlemen.

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