Thursday, November 29, 2007

I think I need a haircut

Its been all of 8 weeks since my last cut. What started out as a cute, modern, youthful cut based loosely on Ashlee Simpson

has somehow morphed into:

About 25 yrs too late.......

Otter: You know you wouldn't mind the hair if you could have the body she once had. OH, oh, and Ashley has the cut I always wanted! Just spike it up a bit on top and it looks like a "Rod Stewart" cut. Hmmmmm......

Otter again: Ugh.....posted this, reread it, and realized I have dated myself. Woe!

CubeDog: Thanks for cleaning and clearing up this post. Oh hell honey, I'd take Farrah's body NOW. gotta be better than what I look at in the mirror!

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