Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello from Insanity

Ok, so we went out to the country for 4 days to shake the city stink off. I've been back for 2 days....24 hours. In that time we have had 2 elder-living high rise fires, one apartment complex fire, 2 business fires, 2 highway shutdowns, 2 evil people jailed, and one murder-suicide. Ahhhh-home sweet home.
Hello, this is the "eastern prairie-dog". I live in a large metropolis. Ok, so that is an understatement. My commute is typically 45 min to an hour....each way and I only have to go 27 miles. I work in a medium sized company and have a "line manager" position. The comic strip 'Dilbert' perfectly describes my work environment. I spend most of my life in a cubicle and popping up to look over a cubicle wall is called "prairie-dogging". A room of cubicles is called a 'prairie-dog town'. My constant companion is stress-which accounts for much of my outlook on life ('Happy Bunny' is my absolute favorite snarky character).
When western p-dog talks about different lifestyles, she ain't kidding. Hopefully this will become VERY clear as we go along. Thanks for stopping in for a visit.
Hey, western p-dog, I have absolutely no comeback for your traffic block. Kinda had the ole 'head-down, butt-up' thing going on today. I have two HUGE projects due to the city this week. Yeah, I just love the oh-so-reasonable expectations of some people. Did I tell you how much I loved hearing from your big kid today? Its been so long since I thought of myself as related to anyone in the next generation....hmmmm,weird.
I hope I get better at writing humor as we go along.

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