Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to Texas

Welcome to I-10. I am the western prairie dog. You will soon meet the eastern prairie dog. I live in a small Podunk town, the other poster lives in a huge metropolitan city. We are sisters who chose very different lifestyles and dreamed up this blog after laughing till we almost wet our pants at the vast chasm of differences between our living areas.
So, to start this off, we will explore traffic jams. Today we had a major one in Podunk. We are always getting huge equipment hauled through the middle of town. In this picture you can see in the distance, two large tubes. I am told they are demetholizers...or something like that...headed for Colorado. Apparently there is a large gas plant up there that needs to extract methanol.
Traffic was backed up and blocked off for a mile. Problem is.....that is about how wide the town is. The largest tube had a broken skid that lifts the electric lines over the top of the equipment. The local yokels decided they had to repair the skid right there....in the middle of town....just before the noon traffic hit. They didn't bother to send an officer down to the other intersection behind where the picture was taken, to redirect traffic. Oh no, can't do that when they could all stand around watching the equipment being repaired. So semi's kept backlogging. The ones that had been to town before knew they could turn the opposite direction and go around town on I-10.....if they figured it out before they got trapped in the jam.
Luckily, about 15 minutes after I took the picture, they got things rolling again.
So how was your special time in traffic today?

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