Friday, October 3, 2008


Interesting. In presidential debates, everyone seems to think you have to have a winner, as in high school.
So...if you tune in to liberal media, they polled themselves and say Biden won. I heard that after the debate, Brian Williams did a lot of blathering until someone rushed him a list of Palin's mistakes. I guarantee you that they didn't fact check Biden.....who hallucinated on over 14 points.
Too bad most people get their "news" (read "opinion") spoonfed to them by far left-wing liberal media. They believe what they are told to believe...period. No independant thought allowed. Sad.
Cubedog: I was listening to the 'post-game' analysis on talk radio the next day and someone was waxing poetic about how Dick Morris handed Allen Combs his ass on a plate. Oh, I do wish I had seen/heard that. I'm sick that the one time that the media commentary AFTER a debate woulda actually been entertaining, I missed it-cuz I just HATE that crap. I recorded the debate because I thought it would be the only way I would get to hear what was said (because after the 1st Prez debate I heard nothing). But I believe I have heard all the clips of the highlights. People had just better watch out in 2012.

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