Friday, October 10, 2008

Rest in Peace

Today will always suck.

Today I said good-by to my dearest BFF, closest companion, and most trusted confidant of the last 15 yrs. She purred her way across the Rainbow Bridge and into our father's waiting arms. Dad loved Mz.Kitty and was fastinated that she loved to have her belly rubbed.

15 years ago a tiny black and white kitten fell out of a pine tree and came to my front door. She knocked once and walked in to my apartment and my heart.

Mz. Kitty was my morning routine companion-always curled up in the bathroom sink. Until 3 days ago she was still jumping up on the vanity and demanding I turn on the water for her.

She had a special way of snuggling up for the night and I will always miss that. She would skutch her butt up as close to me as she could, then slide down my body to a sleeping position-like she wanted inside my skin.

Through multiple moves, one in the middle of summer with no a/c, traumatic life changes, new house companions coming and sometimes going, she remained. Mz. Kitty was the Grand Dame of Casagibbons and her departure will leave a large, tuxedo kitty shaped hole.

Run free my baby. I told Dad to give you a good belly-rub and a "wog". Make sure they turn on the bathroom faucet for you.

I miss you. And I'm sorry.

Mz. Kitty does leave a legacy though. A legacy the other cats are gonna hate. They are going to start getting regular exams, cuz I just can't do this again any time soon.

Auntie Otter: I knew I had a pretty picture of our girl, so went digging. There it was. So I put it at the top of the pictures. I know you won't mind.


Phro5gg said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Its so hard to say goodbye to one of our furry children. They give so much and ask so little in return.

Kim said...

I am so sorry. Mz Kitty sounded like a wonderful cat. I know she's up there in cat heaven demanding the water faucet be turned on, chasing mice (and whatever other critters happen to be there for the chasing) and getting her belly rubbed by all who pass by.