Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodby My Friends

"join Ravelry-its fun" they said
"You just have to join Ravelry" they said
Well, today dear friends, Otter and I were banned from Ravelry.
Did we engage in flame wars? Did we engage in horrible attacks on the owners? Did we troll other boards trying to make trouble?
No, no, and no.
We associated with the wrong people. that was it-guilt by association.
Can someone tell me when it became banning offense to have friends that disagree with someone?
Oh well, so much for my block-a-month CAL. Guess I'll just have to finish that one on my own.
As for keeping track of my LYS events? Back to the old fashioned way of a actually talking to people. I will miss my far-flung friends. It was nice to meet y'all.
Shewhomeasures-I hope everything works out for you.

Your account has been suspended until further notice. Please direct inquiries to Craig at

Nice huh?

Otter: gee...I didn't even get an addy to email. Just Forbidden!

I truly believe that monday morning there is going to be an Oops posted for a large portion of us. This is a warning to lockstep with the libtards. Any joining of groups not approved by the trolls will result in permanent ban. The new terms of service was not something I agreed to when I joined and now they deny me access to my personal information...such as the link to this blog. That is not legal, as well as the property (patterns) of others who were locked out. Thus, the oops will be put up late sunday or sometime monday.

Ravelry was a time sucker. I spent too much of it there. I made some wonderful friends, but not much else that I can't get elsewhere. I had been spending less time there lately anyway.


kamax60 said...

Well said - great post!


She Knits Socks said...

Nice to be forewarned, huh?

Chrisknits said...

That's what I am upset by. An employer gives you warning, you get to clean out your locker. Now I can't remove the pattern information for my designs. If my presence there is unwanted, my patterns, whether well known or not, are not theirs to provide information for. I want them removed.

whimzeenator said...

grrrr!!! Going to go remove link from You know...even on Yahoo groups you get a warning and you're on "probation". argh!!

SusanB-knits said...

wow! I didn't know they would/could ban you!
I'm stunned! and don't know what to say. I do not think it is fair to just ban you without warning. I'm going to have to think about anything more I post on Ravelry IF and when I do. What happened to it being "a great knitting/crochet community?"

Phro5gg said...

WTF??? I have not seen anything thta you could have done to result in something like this. I am very upset! They can't do this to you guys.

kelly said...

What? No! Nooooooo! This is an 'oops' indeed. If they grovel a bit will you guys come back? You must be very very angry... but I will miss chatting with you so much!!! Is there anyone we can complain/whine to (other than craig@legal, who probably won't listen?)