Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday Evening

Have you fallen for the media hype? Do you follow Al Gore's every word despite his gigantic carbon footprint? Then this isn't the place for you.
But....if you have kept your wits about you and realize serious scientists aren't jumping on the global warming bandwagon......then turn all your house and yard lights on saturday night at 8:30pm for an hour. Heck, turn on all the tv's and radios too. Your children have been brainwashed at school, so you may have to explain to them how they have been lied to. Personally, I am sick of hearing about how horrible humankind is. All the save the earth propaganda is started by people who want to wipe mankind off the earth. That blows me away. God gave the earth to man, not animals.
Okay, rant over.


shewhomeasures said...

Personally I am confused by the invitations to watch "Worldwide Coverage" of earthday on TV or the Internet. On big power-sucking plasma screens, no doubt. Mixed message, anyone?

Becky said...

Funny how those who want to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth don't volunteer to remove themselves first.