Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm an evil, vile, hate-filled person and I can prove it

You know the hibiscus scrubs that ring my yard. Scraggly though they have been this year, all it took was a little rain and they have burst forth in a riot of scarlet blooms. Each bloom is probably 6 to 8 inches across.
Last night, I pulled into the drive and as I was getting stuff out of the car, I noticed a car pull up at the corner, stop, and put on its flashers.
You can imagine I was curious. I continued to watch covertly and a young man jumped out. He took off his ball-cap (which he was wearing “doofus” style) and started heading my way.
You can’t believe the number of thoughts that raced through my mind in a split-second. But the most prominent one concerned a certain license that has yet to arrive.
He called out to me: “Ma’am? Ma’am, may I pick a flower?”
“Sure, help yourself.”
I’m soooo vile I actually let a young man pick one of my sterling hibiscuses to give to his girl.
Then this morning, GEEEEZZZZZ. The NERVE of some people!

Otter: I am blown away that you were actually asked for the flower!! At least one kid in that city is being raised right.

I was driving to work, pull around an Expedition that was driving too slowly for my schedule. Continue on to the next light and said Expedition pulls up beside me; slowly.
He has the opportunity to pull ahead of me, but instead, pulls right along side.
I look up to see a man staring at me. Lets just say, as big as the Expedition is, he fit it to a “T”. He signals for me to roll down my window. Oh, this is good…in this city…..
Damn where IS my license….
Now, in the time I’ve lived hear I’ve come to distinguish many different accents. I can even tell a Brazilian from a “Valley” accent. I can tell an Eastern European from a German accent. But I still have problems distinguishing Caribbean Islands from African.
So whether this man was African or Islander, I can’t say. I can say, however, he wasn’t well versed on American history. I will call him FN (foreign national).
He wanted to inquire about my new bumper sticker. You know, the white one on the back of my black SUV: God & Guns Since 1776.
FN: Ma’am, what means “God & Guns Since 1776?” What is the meaning?
ME: Its to of the basic principles of our Freedom for over 200 years.
FN: But why GUNS & God?
ME: Because we had to fight for our Freedom.
FN: I understand the “God”, but not the “Guns”.
At this point I simply smiled at him and went back to my knitting.
I’m so vile and hate-filled; I didn’t tell him to read a damned history book about how America became free. I was nice, and tried to explain in the time allowed at a red-light. There just wasn’t enough time to tell him about the 2nd Amendment and how it protects us from Tyrants and Bullies both foreign and domestic.

It doesn't sound like he REALLY understands english. Not enough to grasp an abstract concept like "fighting" for freedom.
There’s never enough time…..
But I guess I’m just an intolerant, bigoted gun & God clinging red-neck a$$hole, Southern white Cracker.

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