Saturday, August 28, 2010

OMG House Explosion!!!

This is what my living room looks like tonight. I pulled out a sofa in order to have a place to stack boxes. That contains my bathroom, half of the kitchen and part of the living room. I just packed one bookcase and have the boxes stacked in front of the fireplace.
My bedroom. It is cleared out and into boxes except for Clueless One's half of the closet. I left his boxes of undies and socks unsealed so he can get into them when he is home. I have a container larger than a shoebox that holds my undies for the week and a few clothes still in the closet to wear.
All my stuff packed up and sitting around and all the stuff yet to be boxed up is driving me nuts. The chaos is enormous! I had to take a painkiller this morning and again this evening. The work is really wearing on me now. Monday we sign papers and get the keys to the house, then eight days later we will be loading up and moving to the new house. I am so excited...that is what keeps me going. The excitement of going to a happier place to live.
You should see the pile of trash!!! OMG....have got to get on the ball next week and hire a dumpster for a couple of days. I also have a large pile of stuff to give to a friend of mine.
Oh, and I am allergic to dust. Unearthing things that haven't been unearthed in a while has got my sinus's stuffed up and giving me a sore throat. I just got through sneezing a couple of times. I have got to remember to buy more tissues tomorrow.
I also have freaked out pets. Jack is taking things in stride, but the cats don't know what in the world is going on! The two oldest are getting clingy, and the youngest is terrified because her world is changing, just as she was getting used to things. When the kid moves this week, he will be taking her with him. That will give her time to herself for a week to get used to the new place before the bullies move in. There is no pet door at the new house. That is one of the first things we are going to have to figure out...where to put one. These guys are spoiled to going in and out when they need to. And I have gotten spoiled from not having to play doorman constantly.
CUBEDOG: And it is this reality, that my house will someday look like that, that motivates me to put stuff in the trash or the donation box. I stop and think, "Would I want to pack that?" But more importantly, "Would I want to UNPACK that?" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Otter: yes, I have a big pile to give to a friend of mine, and a huge pile of trash. That is what happens when you live where you have no trash pick up for 20 years. You hang on to things you would otherwise toss. I have been surprised at some of the things I have found squirreled away. 

Otter addendum: Just to show you why I call my hubby "the Clueless One".....I sent him the above pictures, showing him how much I had done. This is what he emailed back....
You still have a week before the movers come. We are only signing papers tomorrow. Or are you loading the animals up and moving tomorrow.
After my maniacal laugh, I came thisclose to sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth, with my thumb in my mouth. I am sure you understand.


Susie J. said...

Otter... you are such an organized packer!! You should see the chaos when I move (which is frequently). You'd think I'd be better at it by now, but no...
Cubedog... LOVE that line of thinking! I should use that from now on. I'm a packrat, and I'm the daughter of a hoarder, so I try REALLY hard to fight the tendency and get rid of things, but it's just so darn hard to let go!

Otter said...

Wow Susie, We are the daughters of a minimalist and a packrat. Granddaughters of a hoarder. It's in the genes.
I haven't done this in 20 years. I am trying so very hard to keep it somewhat organized. Very hard task, but I keep thinking how hard it would be to find things after the move.