Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since I double posted pictures......

How about a different set of pictures? I can show you more of the inside of the house. Will I be forgiven for totally losing my mind?
 This is the front can sit on the swing and catch a breeze, but come on in.
 Right in the door is the staircase. To the left is the office and the guest bathroom. Lets go upstairs.
 This is the only spare bedroom I will have for a while. Family will want me to make it the guest bedroom, but it is the only option I have for a studio right now. From the door to the left.....
 And from the door to the right. I am sure I will stuff the closet full, it's an decent size anyway. That is Clueless One opening the closet. And yes, that is how he dresses to ride the Harley.
 This is the room that I covet for my studio. But kid has claimed it. I am sure it will be painted soon. That is the view to the left with his closet.
 And the view to the right. Not a big room, but see that door there?
 The room has a small room off of it. You step down into this cute little windowed room. covetcovetcovet When kid finally is able to move out....I am moving my studio in here!!
 The room for myself and Clueless One is the biggest...except for FIL's suite. The pink walls will be pained pronto!
 But take a look at the small pan in the ceiling! Tricked out in decorative wood! way cool.
 Our bathroom...meh. It has a tub/shower to the right of the toilet. And to the far right out of camera shot is a small alcove with storage. I am not too worried about having only one sink. Right now we have two and he never uses his...always uses mine.
 The very dark upper hallway. Looking from the front of the house to the back. To the left is kid's room and across the hallway is his bathroom. Between them is a storage closet with a bookcase in the wall. To the right is the door to my room. To the left out of camera shot is the extra room/studio. And behind me when I took the picture is the multipaned door to the upper balcony. At least you don't have to go through anyone's room to get to the balcony.
The upper balcony. Nice view and should be able to catch a nice breeze up there. I can hardly wait to move.

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