Monday, December 3, 2007

another day

I really didn't believe that it was possible, but appearance is worse today. I am now, officially, a woman of "color". The swelling is all the way to my eyebrow and I can't put my glasses on. Needless to say...I'm NOT out in public. Sure my boss may be inconvenienced, but not glasses?no driving, no driving? no commuting.

Now, if I could kick Bigdog and Fuzzdog out of bed, I could actually get some rest.

Oh, the Christmas cactus was Bigdog's attempt to make me feel better....then he said I looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Otter: Or a balloon from the Macy's Thankgiving Parade? Or the dog balloon on the Sci Fi Channel commercial? Or.....maybe I should just leave it alone? Seriously, did the doc say it was supposed to do that? And have you tried cold packs to reduce swelling? Poor kid.

Cubedog: I have had an ice pack on my face so long, I first had to check that the color wasn't frostbite! It is Tues. I am at the office...o-joy.

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