Sunday, December 2, 2007

second verse/same as the first-with gusto

Well, I'm back. I thought yesterday would be the worst of it, but no. I wake up this morning to full-blown, paper bag worthy, "I am the Elephant Man" swelling. What is really wonderful? The paperwork says, "Sometimes it takes 72 hours for the swelling and bruising to be fully realized."

OMG! Something to look forward to! And if you are reading this and saying to yourself , "Oh dental work-yeah you're gonna have a little swelling." Let me tell you....until you have had your cheek pulled over you ear and hung there for 2 hours, you can't even imagine. The closest thing I can think of is plastic surgery without the cutting.

I kid you not, the fluid is all the way up in my eye socket. The great part of all this is that the actual work site doesn't hurt-well, everything is relative... What? No pictures? You could do a really groody up close and personal.....or not. I am waffling on the fence about whether I want to see that or not.
Cubedog: Hmmmm, let me think about it.....uh,no.

I DID have a post all ready to go Friday..then I got may face remodeled. So back to the fun stuff!

Since I have been in this "World-class city" I have seen just about every motor vehicle imaginable-at least the ones legal to drive on US streets, but Friday morning took the prize.

I have seen Lamboghinis, Mazerattis, Rolls Royces, Lotus', super stretch limos, stretch Hummers, and even Target's parking lot security use Segways, but this...I mean.....

Its called a T-Rex. It is a 3 wheeled motorcycle, with 2 seats, a roll cage, a windshield, and a steering wheel. No, it is not a trike. The single wheel is in back. The price STARTS at 49k. They are hand-made in Canada, can go up to 150 mph and get motocycle gas mileage.

Otter: OMGosh....a bike I could actually ride! Do you think the other half would let me ride along with him on the Harley in that thing? Somehow I don't think so.

Cubedog: I think it is the only way I could keep up with any Bike big enough for BigDog AND I could carry a fuzzdog.

When this thing pulled out in traffic, I just had to get a closer look. I actually took photos of it with my phone, but sadly I can't get them to my computer.

Pulled into traffic? You mean there is one loose out there already? Well, ought to smack my forehead....of course your city already has one in it...probably two.

Cubedog: Yep there's a couple in town, Heck, there's a DEALER in town.

I have seen some pretty bazaar things on that interstate, headed your way. I will have to keep my eye out for this one. Surely somebody is going to get in that thing and think "road trip"!

Proof positive that just about anything can happen here.

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