Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Why are cats no respector of how hard you are working to finish a project?
Because the attention is off them.
Why do hubbies get angry when you wake them up to stop their snoring so you can get some sleep? Are you telling me that is why hubs keeps waking me up in the middle of the night?

Why do I commit myself to impossible tasks?
Your turn to pay for a therapist. Then let me know.
Why do I even bother asking these questions?
It's a sign of the sickness......talking to yourself, asking yourself foolish questions, arguing with yourself.
OK, that's my existential moment for the month.

Get a look at this though:

Its my first Celtic knot cable. Yeah, there are "glitches", but after ripping it completely out 4 times...I can live with glitches.

I'm sending you an email w/pic attached. I wore the crocheted sweater yesterday and loved it. Thanks.
Got the pic....thanks! I still think you look better in it than I did.
You are doing a really great job on the scarf. I have a few labor intensive gifts to finish if I will get my butt in gear.
Yeah, why do we commit ourselves to this crap. Dufusheads

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